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Is virus-free North will soon suffer from problems Randstad?

Nobody wants it, a second nationwide lockdown. But working regional barriers or in the "village Netherlands? Experts doubt. Yet almost free corona north of the country would soon like to decide themselves whether schools or terraces or should not close.

Public Safety wants to eliminate all mink in Southeast Brabant

The safety-Southeast Brabant wants Carola Schouten Minister of Agriculture all mink in the region allows preventive removal.

The corona-app: how it works, and know about your privacy

The Dutch corona Corona Detector app from being tested today by several hundred residents of Twente. RTL News tech journalist Daniel Verlaan the app and also answers the seven most pressing questions.

Easyjet will fly again: “We do not expect rush, but there is another spirit ‘

Slowly the air from the corona coma. After two months of stagnation also restart its Easyjet flights from Schiphol. "There is demand for flights, including those who want to vacation."

Urgently wanted: thousands of nurses for the second wave corona

Attempts to Dutch hospitals to prepare for a possible second wave of corona patients spoke threaten to walk because of an acute shortage of nurses in intensive care units. For October 1, thousands of people have to be trained, recruited or enticed to longer hours.

Action Group against corona measures wraakt court for interim relief

Virus Madness has objected to the court in The Hague because bias would be.

RIVM reported one new death and 98 new infections

The RIVM has registered in the last 24 hours in the Netherlands, one death due Covid-19. The institute also mentions three new coronavirus related hospitalizations.

Health Economists crack corona policy: “Disastrous for the economy ‘

The Netherlands after the summer is divided into corona regions and is controlled by a government that is so self-assured action against the virus rebounds consumer confidence. So would Xander Koolman and Jochen Mierau health economists like to see it, because "flattening the curve, what we do now is actually deepening the crisis.

Mayors: corona crisis hits vulnerable areas hard, necessary action

The corona crisis affects mainly Dutch vulnerable neighborhoods hard writing mayors of different cities. There is urgent action needed to ensure that learning deficits, debt and unemployment does not exacerbate the problems. "Unorthodox measures should then be not afraid."

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KLM asked 300 million in emergency aid, including football clubs rely on treasury

KLM has asked more than 300 million euros in emergency aid to the government. These are subsidies for wage costs for the months of March, April, May. The NS is also difficult and early to approximately 70 million. Even football teams rely on the Treasury. As early Ajax almost 4 million and 2.7 million PSV.

De Nederlandsche Bank’s own role in slavery investigations

The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) will investigate their own involvement in the Dutch slavery. This has confirmed the central bank after reporting by Pretty Netherlands.

Rutte comes with national plan against youth unemployment

There is a national plan against youth unemployment, promised Prime Minister Rutte. Today he spoke to young people about the consequences of the crisis corona for students and young people on the labor market.