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Consumers considering lawsuit against ‘vague’ Transavia

Before the Consumer them after three months of bickering with Transavia now so ready with the attitude of the company, a lawsuit a serious option approached. The company 'too vague' remains when customers their money for canceled flights get back.

Armed robbery at distribution Bol.com

The distribution center in Waalwijk Bol.com robbery Sunday. It is an armed robbery suspected was carried out by several perpetrators according to police. The perpetrators threatened two security guards. In the robbery of the property at the package path no one was hurt. Or the robbers have taken something not yet known.

And again it hit in Groningen. Wiebes understands unrest ‘

In Groningen Sunday morning an earthquake with a magnitude of 2.3 occurred. It is the second time in a week that the region is affected by a relatively heavy earthquake.

Social media Princess Eloise another milestone

Eloise of Orange (18) gives influencers who checked the asset on Instagram. The countess has collected more than 100,000 followers in no time and can now celebrate the success with the coveted blue checkmark.

Donny McCain shares violent before and after pictures Rhinoplasty

Donny McCain is his brother chasing flown to Turkey. This time for a new set of veneers, but the 22-year-old was helped to his nose. Via Instagram he keeps his followers up to date and even share a snapshot of his new look.

Tremor with a force of 2.7 to Loppersum

I n the province of Groningen has been an earthquake Tuesday afternoon. According to the Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI), the quake had a magnitude of 2.7. The epicenter was in Loppersum.

No 2500 applications for voluntary redundancy scheme KLM

The KLM staff does not even really hot for the voluntary departure scheme. In total, 2436 notifications, reporting sources RTL Z. That seems insufficient to avoid compulsory redundancies.

Drugstore removes black statue, “He’s not a slave “

The clam hanging over the drugstore Heertje in Herenstraat is Friday removed by the owners. In 2016 the statue was already stolen. This week there was commotion about alleged racism after a mocking tweet Sylvia Witteman.

Dutch in Melbourne: “This new lockdown we did not arrive ‘

It will be a nightmare for many people: return must be in lockdown. For Dutch in the Australian metropolis of Melbourne is the harsh reality of this week. "It's more intense than last time," say Laura and Diko.

Trending This Week

Wehkamp workers begin strike

Employees of the webwarenhuis are dissatisfied with the impact of a planned reorganization and lay down their work.

During the pandemic has increased the global demand for bicycles

The pandemic has a positive effect on sales of the Accell Group, known Batavus and Sparta.

Huawei: Apps can be downloaded off Play Store via AppSuche

Huawei pointing users in Germany on an app called AppSuche which owners of Huawei smartphone can download popular apps without utilizing the Play Store. Latest Huawei smartphones do not have Play Store or other Google apps, because the two companies are not allowed to do business with each other because of a trade embargo imposed by the United States.

Offer of “We Love Hema”

Does the Hema in the hands of fans and former employees? On the last day that interested buyers could bid, the combination WeLoveHema -Keep Hema did. It must be in their own words enough for a majority. Retail experts, however, think that the proposal has little chance of success.

Passenger during flight hears that he is infected with coronavirus

A man who Curaçao Thursday landed a plane in TUI Netherlands Curacao, was told during the flight that he was infected coronavirus.

Philips sales and profits dropped sharply, optimism about second half

Revenue and Philips profits fell in the second quarter hit by the crisis corona. For the rest of the year, the company optimistic: it thinks sales will grow again, partly because it received more orders for medical equipment.

Is virus-free North will soon suffer from problems Randstad?

Nobody wants it, a second nationwide lockdown. But working regional barriers or in the "village Netherlands? Experts doubt. Yet almost free corona north of the country would soon like to decide themselves whether schools or terraces or should not close.

Auction site eBay must return to the base, which is in Norwegian hands Marketplace

Under pressure from shareholders eBay sells its advertising websites for $ 9.2 billion. So the Dutch marketplace.

Convicted rapist Weinstein tested positive corona

Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for coronavirus. The rape and sexual assault convicted film producer is currently in isolation in a prison in New York.

RIVM boss: Coronavirus is something we keep for months with us

When mid-January the first people in China deceased by the coronavirus, which seemed far away from the Netherlands. According to the National Institute for Health and the Environment (RIVM) seemed little chance that the virus could enter Netherlands. Meanwhile we are dealing with a global crisis. Jaap van Dissel, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Control RIVM, explains how it could go wrong if and how to continue.

Watch as extra news conference after cabinet crisis meeting corona

Around 19:00, the government adds a news conference. The government had earlier this afternoon crisis meeting headed by Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

André van Duin moves in DWDD: “It is very Holland Weeps’

In this difficult time, there appeared at least one guy quite a few people to speak: the occurrence of André van Duin (73) The World Keeps Turning Friday gave many people in tears. Van Duin could count on hundreds of positive comments.

Monica Geuze: “Zara Lizzy Lars currently sees as not ‘

Monica Geuze currently only takes care of her daughter because her ex Lars in South Korea sits on his football career. A visitation rights, the two do not, which makes it extra difficult. In Videoland reality series' Like Monica "the reality star is very open about her life. RTL Boulevard Monica talked about.

Zappsport start Zappsport @ home to move home children

Zappsport begins Monday with Zappsport @ home. The variant of the AVRO TROS children's program is designed to keep kids moving people to now the situation is often stay at home around the coronavirus.

Feyenoord postpones decision re new stadium

Feyenoord has postponed the decision on a new stadium. The Rotterdam football club, which next month would come to a final conclusion, announced that the stadium only file is picked up again after the summer. "We currently have other priorities," says CEO Mark Koevermans. "We still want a new stadium, but first the short-term problems to be solved."