Siegfried was the magic, Roy wild animals

Roy Horn, half of the world-famous illusionists Siegfried & Roy is at the age of 75 died of the coronavirus. The duo became world famous for their shows where lions and tigers played a major role.

The German-born duo for years was the main attraction in the US city of Las Vegas. In 2003 it came to an abrupt end when Horn was seized by the white tiger Mante Core. The audience watched as he was bitten in the neck and was towed from the scene. He recovered only partially.

The wild animals were the introduction of horn in the show, Siegfried Fischbacher was the magic. Horn was always fascinated by wildlife and through a friend of his parents as a child, he had access to the zoo in the German city of Bremen. He went in 1957 to work on a German cruise ship where he met Fischbacher, who juggled and was looking for an assistant. They decided to continue together – their love affair did not last too long, their professional partnership for life. “From the moment we met, I knew that Roy and I would change the world,” said Fischbacher. “There was no Siegfried without Roy, and not without Roy Siegfried.”

The duo said they’d been kicked out of the German cruise ship when Horn took a cheetah on board. An American ship was immediately interested in the spectacular act and that started the ball rolling. After a world tour in the nightclub circuit took their career in the United States enormously. In the late sixties she arrived in Las Vegas and they are among the artists who have made the gambling capital of the entertainment capital of the world.

Since 1989 was their show with illusions, white lions and tigers fourteen consecutive years in the theater at the Mirage Hotel. It made Siegfried & Roy rich. About tiger Mante Core, which put an end to that success, Horn would never hear a bad word. According to him, the animal had the best intentions. Horn claimed that he had been just before the attack unwell, Tiger would have caught him in his neck to bring him to safety. “Unfortunately, he was also taking my artery.” Horn was briefly clinically dead, and he said he in a flash of his deceased mother had seen with her feet all his beloved wildlife. “But it was not my time yet to go,” said the born showman. “My wings were not done yet.” The pair currently performed once during a benefit performance with tiger Bustamante Core – evil tongues, moreover, asserted that it was a different animal. Horn’s health was poor since the attack, the corona virus was fatal. He died in Las Vegas.

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