Police discovered underworld prison torture chamber

Six men have been arrested on suspicion of preparing hostage-taking and torture in the criminal environment. In a raid on a warehouse in the Brabant village Wouwse Plantation exceeded police seven containers, of which six were appointed as a prison and as a torture chamber.

The discovery is a result of international criminal investigation 26Lemont. It succeeded the Dutch and French police to bypass the security of one of the largest providers of crypto phones, EncroChat, which mainly criminals use to communicate anonymously. “It was like we were the criminals at the conference table,” said head Jannine van den Berg of the National Unity on this last week at a press conference. For weeks, all messages from the user intercepted and read by the detective.

In such encrypted messages were also sent pictures of a shed and a container in which a dentist chair stands, with a footrest and straps on the armrests. In the messages were discussed abduct and torture: “If I have him on the chair, is there more to come ‘[…]’ … but that dog is missing.” The pilot designated by the defendants as ‘treatment’ and as ‘EBI “(the name of the prison” Tools Secure Device’ in Vught, ed.). He was still under construction and nearing completion.

The messages were among a Hague suspect drugs to those already suffered a financial investigation. This 40-year-old man would be a liquidation preparing. He proved to be an administrator of the pilot in Wouwse Plantation. According to the prosecution there were professional abductions approaching the “high precision” were prepared as if the target were stopped by the police. So there were a “SWAT team” and an “observation team,” and possessed the suspects on police clothing, weapons, vans, stop signs and bullet proof vests.

Right from the discovery in April kept the detective shed day and night with CCTV monitored. Investigators saw a group of men almost daily with the building of the prison and martelcel were busy. These are men from The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Nieuwegein and Spijkenisse Lexmond.

From the secret message traffic could distill detectives who were the intended targets. They were warned and went into hiding. Also showed the group a second pilot as a base was used. There were police clothing, weapons, bulletproof vests and stored stolen cars. It is a warehouse in Rotterdam, right next to the A16.

When the cells were almost ready, the police decided to intervene. his searches at 13 locations made on June 22 and held the police to the suspects. The discovery of the containers is the freezing and shocking “, the National Prosecutor pose of prosecution, leading the investigation EncroChat. The areas were clad with sound-insulating panels, and heat-insulating foil. In each of the cells had been on the ceiling and on the floor handcuffs applied, to a person standing with his arms to be able to chains up. Furthermore, there was only a chemical toiletje. In the corner was provided with a camera, in order to monitor at a distance to the situation in each cell.

In one of the containers were found several sets of police clothing, bulletproof vests and flashing lights. The container with the dental chair were bags with items that were probably destined to compete for torture victims, or at least to put pressure. Police found include pruning shears, loppers, a saw branches, scalpels, forceps, additional cuffs, finger cuffs, tape, balaclavas and black cotton bags that can be pulled over the head. It was also found in the search of a house in Rotterdam 24 kilograms of MDMA.

In the shed were also stolen three vans and two BMWs. In an adjacent room was furnished seating and sleeping, presumably for security guards to be able to stay longer. In the warehouse in Rotterdam took detectives seven small arms and automatic assault rifle, a Chinese variant of the Kalashnikov AK-47. In total were found in the suspects 25 weapons.

The six suspects have been arrested on suspicion of preparation of kidnapping, hostage taking, aggravated assault, extortion and involvement in a criminal organization. Two suspects is placed weapons possession charges. They are all the time being at least 90 days in custody, pending their trial.

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