Mistake at Media Markt: iMacs 2,000 euros provided for a few euros

Media Markt has made a costly mistake. Due to an error in the web shop of Media Markt customers could buy last week iMacs buy about 2000 euros for a fraction of that amount.

Customers could buy the computers for a few euros and were also delivered at home. The retailer is now demanding that buyers return the iMacs or significantly extra. Some customers do not see that down and refuses.

Some buyers do not return the iMacs because they have already been delivered and the contract is final in their eyes. Legal consultancy Aliter Melius is some of them. In e-mails to news agency ANP hands, says MediaMarkt at least in one case would enable a collection agency.

Media Markt makes a comment that the number of iMacs that the error rate is sold on two hands to count.

“Once we realized that the price was not right, we have contacted the buyer. With almost everyone we could find a solution because the customers understand that this too was good to be true,” said a spokesman for the retailer .

It is not the first time that retailers blunder with prices on their website. That happened Leenbakker also in 2017. Due to an error, customers could buy a loft bed for 24 euros, while normally cost 319 euros.

Leen Bakker canceled all the orders. Some customers thereby beside a cheap loft handles, went to court.

The judge found that consumers there could not assume that the price shown was correct. Therefore Leenbakker the beds did not deliver, for 24 euros, as the “victims” had demanded.

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