Gaykrant editor arrested on suspicion of sexual offenses

The editor of the Gay Krant, Hans P. was last Sunday arrested on suspicion of a sexual offense.

That confirm sources. The prosecution can only say that as the accused a 44-year old man from Amsterdam. P has announced that he will resign as editor of the online newspaper, reports De Gay Krant. He is long succeeded by Paul Hofman, who takes over the main editorial activities.

Justin Kötter, the P. lawyer, would not respond. “I will make no statement on this.” Kötter adheres to Blankets Pijnenburg Criminal attorneys working on criminal and family matters. He focuses on “large and complex criminal cases in which his clients include suspected of sexual offenses, violent crimes and homicides.

P. appeared Wednesday before the magistrate. Which stated that he fortnight longer insists must remain seated.

Next Monday he will appear in chambers. Then looks back to an extension of the remand.

Gay Krant, in late 2017 under the leadership of P. made a new start, is shocked by the news. “I have no information about the severity of the charges, but this is very chops in” Hofman earlier Monday showed in a brief response know. “Not only me, but all employees of De Gay Krant. Hans meant a lot to our platform. We continue on the course set by him. ”

On the editorial floor dominated mostly disbelief. “As an editor, I am very shocked by the arrest of Hans and serious crime where justice suspects him,” let staff know Kenneth stash. “I have been following closely the developments closely and go rethink my position within the Gay Krant. This is painful. ”

At MKB Amsterdam, where P is about two years board member, the news has also arrived like a sledgehammer. “We scared palce very much,” says a spokesman. “Right now it’s wait and see if Hans were also really guilty. He is suspicious, that does not mean that he did it actually. Depending on the results of the research, we take appropriate action. ”

Former editor Henk Krol shows that he had no further information about the arrest of P. “I am especially very annoying for De Gay Krant. I am committed to the brand, my name will always be connected to it. Last night I heard it, but otherwise I do not know what’s going on. ”

Or P. in his house or is arrested elsewhere in Amsterdam, is not clear. The police would not wish to answer any question. “Based on AVG Act and the Police Records we as police questions aimed directly at persons not answer,” a spokesperson.

Gay Krant was a monthly appearing Dutch magazine for gays, lesbians and bisexuals since 1980. After the bankruptcy, the magazine was acquired in 2013, but eventually went defunct. In 2017 Gaykrant made a comeback through the digital platform

P. wanted to relaunch Gaykrant ‘make a stand’ to guarantee the freedoms of homosexuals in the Netherlands. “I think it is important that new generations understand how the gay rights movement has developed in recent decades. The digital archive of the Gay Krant we want to make a contribution here, “he said on his website.

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