Easyjet will fly again: “We do not expect rush, but there is another spirit ‘

Slowly the air from the corona coma. After two months of stagnation also restart its Easyjet flights from Schiphol. “There is demand for flights, including those who want to vacation.”

Easyjet held from March 30 across Europe, all devices on the ground, including the eight Airbuses that operate from Schiphol, because most countries closed their borders and passengers pulled out en masse from corona fear. But on July 1, the morning around 7 am, leave for the first time in months Easyjetvlucht from Schiphol. In Malaga, Spain, holiday destination par excellence.

Last month, started the British budget airline, recently announced to reduce the number of employees by 30 percent, again careful domestic flights in Britain, Italy and France. On July 1 it adds that among other things allow the flights from Schiphol. “We will therefore return to Greece, Italy, Spain and Croatia,” says CEO William Fat Easyjet Netherlands.

“More and more countries facilitate corona measures. But we start again for the interest of travelers. There is demand for flights, including those who want to vacation. We see passengers for July and August booking for holiday destinations and to people who redeem the vouchers they received as we could not fly the past few months. ” It’s not just him as vacationers. “There is a lot of interest from companies, especially to Italy. And family visiting to draw. ”

Yet it will not rushes still expects Vet. “In July we sit around 68 percent of the normal number of destinations in August over 90 percent. But we fly less frequently to. In terms of capacity this summer we are 30 percent of what we normally do. As demand grows, we will scale up. Every day we receive better understand the need of people to fly. But how it will develop, we do not know yet. ”

“We do look at other destinations, but there have to first be relaxed measures. Sweden remains difficult and the UK we wait. We put it on flights to Britain in the schedule, but the enthusiasm is limited because one mandatory quarantine. There is a small question of people who are willing. ”

The discussions surrounding the corona aviation measures dampen enthusiasm among travelers. “There is also a large group of consumers who do not want to fly because the corona pandemic is under control,” says Bold. The company has, in his every effort to minimize the risks. “We have agreed with Schiphol we keep together the corona rules.”

That sites makes use of both terminal M, is now an advantage. “It distinguishes our ratings from other users of the airport. Gates are alternately used. The departures will not be full of people come to be, as before. The queue in the corridor will be much longer but we have room for. ”

Boarding goes on call, per seat row. “We work with two steps to the plane, front and rear. Then you go from the center to the back and work forward. Based on the occupancy is feasible. ” Exit is in principle per seat row.

About the corona measures on board has been a lot of discussion. “The combination of face masks, virus filtering and extra cleaning supplies already a big risk to fall. We have considered the middle seat unoccupied to leave, but we see from it because it offers little additional security. We instruct the crew passengers as much as possible to put far apart. With 30 percent of capacity, we get the next few months anyway no high occupancy. “

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