Black Cross-organizers launch public broadcasting, “Stew” has damn parochialism

Not Hilversum and Amsterdam, but the Achterhoek is the base for the new broadcasting association stew. They also start an online platform with the same name.

Reported Monday the three founders joined the Commissioner for Media and aspiring broadcaster. Stew should be a safe haven in the big bad internet “are for everyone” who has positively damn about any form of sectarianism whatsoever “, reports their press release.

The driving forces behind the new broadcast his media entrepreneur Stan Curtain, Ronnie and Peter Degen Holkenborg of Feestfabriek All Is Well BV, the company behind the Zwarte Cross festival and Mañana Mañana. In February 2021 has to live their platform.

“We do not see ourselves as a typical event organizers,” says Holkenborg. “So we have published successful children’s books over the years and created a foundation which provides microloans for anyone with an original idea for the east of the country. We have Achterhoekse flag created and asked several times attention to social issues such as human rights, accessibility for disabled and festivals lhbti acceptance. From the same creative ambition, the idea for online platform stew originated. ”

“The approach of the online platform is the blueprint for the aspiring broadcaster,” said Stan Curtain. For that to get the status of candidate broadcasting, the association must December 31 50,000 paying members recruit.

Such membership costs 7.50 euros a year on Saturday, July 18th stew begins its recruitment campaign during a livestream event, which also aims to Zwarte Cross Visitors to stabbing a shot in the arm.

If Stamppot meet the deadline, the Media Act, the broadcaster should be independent and continue under a new name. Will the aspiring broadcaster for recognition in drag, then awaits the members a party treasurer says Degen. “The first assembly of members of the broadcasting association will be in a large marquee, as soon as the corona measures are no longer in effect.”

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