Amsterdam wants no more new HIV infections in 2026

The City of Amsterdam wants the number of new HIV infections in the city in 2026 is reduced to zero. The testing capabilities are expanded and more people have access to HIV prevention prep.

The course will encourage more GPs to HIV testing, capacity decrease home testing must be scaled up and a different way of working will of the GGD STI clinic can perform more tests.

Wants alderman Simone Kukenheim (needs) to basic care in the field of HIV, hepatitis and STDs are no longer at the expense of the excess. Then they will insist in The Hague, as well as expanding access to HIV prevention prep.

Currently 2178 sites of a national pilot assigned to the HIV prevention Amsterdam. Its end in May 1626 Amsterdam took advantage. That is much lower than the number of men whose GGD expected to need the means, namely at least 4000. It is expected in September or October occupied all places.

In 2019 for the first time see a marked decline in the number of HIV infections. Last year sixty infections established by the Public Health Service, in previous years, that number was around one hundred. According to the municipality, the use of prep played a major role.

An estimated three hundred Amsterdammers walking around unknowingly with HIV. “People with HIV infection is not treated, can transmit the virus,” says Kukenheim. “Therefore, testing is very important.”

According to the councillor become infected especially people in vulnerable groups, non-medical factors such as stigma, taboos or no access to health care also play a role. “In zero new HIV infections in 2026 is ambitious, but necessary.”

About 40 percent of people with HIV have a migration background, the municipality reports, some of which incurs the infection after arriving in the Netherlands. Therefore, the municipality newly arrived Amsterdammers want as quickly as possible to undergo a health check, in which HIV is dealt with next to blood pressure and vaccinations.

Aids Fonds has for some years campaign ‘The Netherlands to 0! “And welcomes the development. “The trend reversal in HIV figures GGD Amsterdam shows that zero new infections are within reach,” says director Mark Vermeulen. “And what is in Amsterdam, is all over the country as possible. We urge other municipalities to also this purpose to commit. “

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