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De aanpak van deze crisis vraagt om een herwaardering van het begrip ‘fatsoen’

Premier Rutte doet in de ­coronacrisis ‘fatsoenlijk’ zijn werk. Zijn optreden ­beantwoordt tot nu toe ­volledig aan de eisen die ­volgens de Franse politiek...

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Buy Stamps Save a smart investment? “More interest than the bank”

After 65 years Albert Heijn stop physically savings of buying stamps. Starting June 1, customers can save the seals in the app store. But is it really financially smart to collect stamps?

Second case of infection in humans mink

One of the SARS-CoV-infected mink two companies is a second known case of contamination by mink people. That report the Ministers for Health, Welfare and Sport and of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality in a letter to parliament.

Mark Rutte deceased mother at the age of 96

Mother of Prime Minister Mark Rutte is deceased last week. It reports the newspaper 'Algemeen Dagblad'. She was 96 years old.