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Purchase energy label quickly before the huge price increase

Vereniging Eigen Huis (VEH) calls homeowners on a quick energy label to purchase before its price goes up by about 175 euros. Such energy is valid for ten years and mandatory for anyone who sells his house.

Hotels in Rotterdam throw up prices during contest or block rooms

Hotel Prices in Rotterdam skyrocket now clear on what days the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be held in Rotterdam. Many hotel rooms are no longer available.

Ollongren refuses re-rent freeze

Minister kajsa ollongren (Housing) continues to refuse to put the increase in rent per July 1st stop. The Senate has already called twice a motion to do so. That is exceptional: the Senate rarely takes on motions.

For sale: the smallest and the largest house of Netherlands

There has to be a difference. In living. But sometimes the differences are very large. For example, between a flat in Amsterdam and a house in Breda. What is the difference then? 3878 square meters.

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No 2500 applications for voluntary redundancy scheme KLM

The KLM staff does not even really hot for the voluntary departure scheme. In total, 2436 notifications, reporting sources RTL Z. That seems insufficient to avoid compulsory redundancies.

These are the restaurants of La Place that should close

Yet not all La Place offices have reopened in early June and 23 of the 100 branches will not open at all. On this map you can see which restaurants are.

Dead in shooting in Hoofddorp “He was shot from behind ‘

When shooting on the Opaallaan in Hoofddorp Monday a man mortally wounded. Police have arrested a suspect, the other is still at large.