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Dutch Google Assistant is doing multiple jobs after one command

Google Assistant will Routines feature in Dutch. Users can then take a series of actions in motion with a single command. The function in the coming days will be rolled out in the Netherlands.

The corona-app: how it works, and know about your privacy

The Dutch corona Corona Detector app from being tested today by several hundred residents of Twente. RTL News tech journalist Daniel Verlaan the app and also answers the seven most pressing questions.

RIVM change your mind: Distribution coronavirus via aerosols sometimes anyway possible

According to a study by the RIVM separating some infected people from many virus to infect others at great distances.

First impression: Go Ziggo TV app makes concessions, but that’s okay

After years of testing has finally Ziggo Go app released for the Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. Can thus traditional Mediabox under the TV from? Bright takes the proof of the pudding.

Bol.com blunder: hit game The Last of Us 2 early to customers

Webshop Bol.com, the highly anticipated game The Last of Us Part 2 by accident a few days early shipped to customers.

Apple launched Dutch 360-degree images for maps app

Apple is in June for the first time in the Netherlands to take pictures for his alternative to Google Street View, the Look Around Mode kaartenapp Apple Maps.

Student UvA spans summary proceedings on online surveillance

The Central Student Council (CSR) of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) spans a lawsuit against the Board of Governors of the University. Bone of contention is the use of online surveillance exams.

Is the gym safe? That depends on the ventilation, crowds and unanswered scientific questions

The government plans to open gyms July 1st. Then it is recommended that holders gym anyway to open windows and doors.

‘Dutch corona app is tested in June’

The developers of the corona app that the government wants to make published their intent Wednesday. Minister Hugo de Jonge (Health) hopes the app can be tested in June.

Trending This Week

Marwan Kenzari: the Hague Schilderswijk to Hollywood

Few Dutch actors make the transition to the US Marwan Kenzari succeeded. From today he is featured in "The Old Guard" on Netflix. His role is a first in the action genre.

Search for 14-year-old girl in North Sea near Ameland

The Dutch emergency search for a 14-year-old German girl who went missing Saturday during a swim in the North Sea to Ameland.

Divers get Ferrari in 1987 from the IJ in Amsterdam

Police and navy afternoon have won a Ferrari Mondial 1987 from the IJ in Amsterdam. The vehicle is given for 26 years as missing.

Dutch Google Assistant is doing multiple jobs after one command

Google Assistant will Routines feature in Dutch. Users can then take a series of actions in motion with a single command. The function in the coming days will be rolled out in the Netherlands.

ABN Amro: house prices up first, fall 2021

This year house prices go up by 6 per cent, but in 2021 they will fall by 2 percent. That prediction do economists of ABN Amro, Rabobank after the nation's largest provider of mortgage loans.

Public Safety wants to eliminate all mink in Southeast Brabant

The safety-Southeast Brabant wants Carola Schouten Minister of Agriculture all mink in the region allows preventive removal.

No tourists, no income, “Amsterdam is 116 million tax wrong ‘

The absence of holidaymakers costing the city of Amsterdam this year to only 116 million tax already. According to a calculation of the Center for Financial Matters.

Boer Actions for distribution beyond AH: supply 230 shops going again

The farmer actions in the distribution of the Albert Heijn in Zwolle have passed. The action was supplying 230 supermarkets in danger, but so can now begin again.

Rutte comes with national plan against youth unemployment

There is a national plan against youth unemployment, promised Prime Minister Rutte. Today he spoke to young people about the consequences of the crisis corona for students and young people on the labor market.

Drugstore removes black statue, “He’s not a slave “

The clam hanging over the drugstore Heertje in Herenstraat is Friday removed by the owners. In 2016 the statue was already stolen. This week there was commotion about alleged racism after a mocking tweet Sylvia Witteman.

De Nederlandsche Bank’s own role in slavery investigations

The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) will investigate their own involvement in the Dutch slavery. This has confirmed the central bank after reporting by Pretty Netherlands.

KLM asked 300 million in emergency aid, including football clubs rely on treasury

KLM has asked more than 300 million euros in emergency aid to the government. These are subsidies for wage costs for the months of March, April, May. The NS is also difficult and early to approximately 70 million. Even football teams rely on the Treasury. As early Ajax almost 4 million and 2.7 million PSV.

Dutch in Melbourne: “This new lockdown we did not arrive ‘

It will be a nightmare for many people: return must be in lockdown. For Dutch in the Australian metropolis of Melbourne is the harsh reality of this week. "It's more intense than last time," say Laura and Diko.

Dead in shooting in Hoofddorp “He was shot from behind ‘

When shooting on the Opaallaan in Hoofddorp Monday a man mortally wounded. Police have arrested a suspect, the other is still at large.

These are the restaurants of La Place that should close

Yet not all La Place offices have reopened in early June and 23 of the 100 branches will not open at all. On this map you can see which restaurants are.