2 April 2020, Thursday
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ISP T-Mobile is facing failure

Telephony and internet provider T-mobile suffers a malfunction. Several customers report problems with the network.

Failure by working online banking with SNS, ASN Bank and Regions Bank not

A fault is Tuesday for clients of SNS Bank and ASN RegioBank not possible to use internet banking.

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Besides D66 will also help Christian Union Southern Europe “Marshall Plan needed ‘

The European Union must be large-scale assistance to countries such as Italy and Spain, which have been seriously affected by the corona crisis. "There should now be a new Marshall Plan for Southern Europe which is so devastated," said Gert-Jan Segers of government party Christian Union.

KNVB holds hope play in competitions Eredivisie and KKD after June 1

Although there is no professional football can be played in the Netherlands until at least June 1, the KNVB keep hoping the competitions in the Premier League and the First Division this season can still be played.

What do you do? “I James Bond truly saved me from burnout ‘

Rat Catchers, gravediggers, snake fanciers, mattresses testers, Netflix viewers and scrum masters. Who are these people and what do their workday like? In this section we interview people with non-standard answer to the standard question: What do you do?