9 April 2020, Thursday
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US suggests 3.3 million voters to polls, despite coronavirus outbreak

While half the world is restricted by quarantine measures Tuesday to more than 3.3 million voters demanded in the US state of Wisconsin to come to the polls. They need to express their preference for a candidate within the presidential primaries.

Standard Liege possible to the amateurs after losing license

Standard Liege must fear that it sinks into the fourth level in Belgium. The club on Wednesday by the Belgian Football Association Belgian Football Association received a license for professional football.

Ultra Orthodox communities hit hard by the coronavirus – where do we Pesach?

All over the world prove ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities hit hard by the coronavirus. The strict measures against the virus mean that Passover, which begins tonight with the traditional Seder meal, expires this year different.

Van Barneveld and Taylor will meet Thursday from living room

Raymond van Barneveld and Phil Taylor take Thursday still really against each other from their living room. The former topdarters recent weeks moved several times the date due to technical problems.

Quibi new app comes with “quality movies” for smartphone

The platform was founded by Jeffrey Katzenberg Disney and involve much celebrity, launched Monday.

Inspection warns doctor or pharmacist for corona experiment

The Health Care Inspectorate and Youth (IGY) has addressed a GP from Meijel and pharmacist, because the doctor was busy with a corona experiment. He would COVID 19-patient prescribing a combination of medicines, while its operation is not scientifically proven.

In other countries, people have to wear masks, why not here?

Are you going to do in Austria or the Czech Republic groceries, then you require a face mask on. And in the US it is also becoming more common. President Donald Trump says even: do a scarf over your mouth. Because: "That is thicker than a face mask." In the Netherlands do not have it. Why not?

Georgina Verbaan “Did not dare to admit mainly fall on women ‘

Georgina Verbaan, who has a relationship for several months with writer Maartje Wortel, previously dared not show himself to that it falls mainly on women. The actress says in an interview duo with her friend Vogue that it is important that you see people with whom you can identify.

Edsilia Rombley and Iris Dog playing shows in empty Concertgebouw

The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Concertgebouw Sessions brought to life, with famous artists solo performance for an empty hall. Among others Edsilia Rombley and Iris Dog cooperate with the new project set up for the action around the coronavirus.

Trending This Week

HMD Global announced three new Nokia phones and a SIM card

HMD Global, the company that Nokia smartphones brings to the market, has announced new Nokia smartphones. The attractive, high is the Nokia 8.3 with four camera lenses and support for faster 5G network.

Trump and Bolsonaro despite corona want business as usual

President Trump and his Brazilian counterpart Bolsonaro agree with each other: it slowly back again time to return to normal life. Two strong men fear the economic damage caused by the corona pandemic them politically neck will cost.

Youp van ‘t Hek in hospital coronavirus

Youp van 't Hek is infected with the coronavirus. That has let his management know.

Blood banks investigate immunity to coronavirus

Sanquin Blood Bank begins a nationwide survey to find out to how the new corona virus spreads throughout the Netherlands and which part of the population has developed resistance to the virus.

Huawei: Apps can be downloaded off Play Store via AppSuche

Huawei pointing users in Germany on an app called AppSuche which owners of Huawei smartphone can download popular apps without utilizing the Play Store. Latest Huawei smartphones do not have Play Store or other Google apps, because the two companies are not allowed to do business with each other because of a trade embargo imposed by the United States.

North Korea admits that the country has no chance at a corona outbreak

North Korea is heading for a humanitarian disaster by the coronavirus. The need is so high that leader Kim Jong-un on Thursday in the state media admitted that his country has no modern medical facilities. He insists that the coronavirus North Korea has not yet affected.

We are almost there! This year get a new season

Thanks coronavirus are getting modified or deleted more events and television broadcasts. After previously known was that the Eurovision is moved, will the popular program "We're Almost! 'Next season does not appear on the tube.

Nursing homes locked for visitors

All nursing homes are immediately closed to visitors. This lockdown will not only set up to protect the vulnerable residents, but also the scarce personnel.

Nikkie Plessen is haunted by her children TV canteen imitation

Nikkie Plessen is regularly plagued by her own children with the imitation of Elise Schaap put her in the TV canteen. RTL Boulevard Thursday telling them that they regularly speak on the sketch given to her head.

Nutrition Center: vitamin D helps if you can not go out

The Nutrition Center advises people who do not come out of this crisis corona extra vitamin D to swallow. Normally, that most people do not need, but with increasingly urgent calls to stay within that change.

Jet black day for Italy: 475 deaths a day

More than 250 million people worldwide are housebound by the coronavirus. Italy experienced its worst day, while corona epicenter Wuhan established for the first time no new cases.

WNL sends Goodmorning Netherlands also on Saturday from

The NPO program, "Good morning Netherlands' is starting this week to see on Saturday viewers to catch up on the developments and effects of the coronavirus.

Leiden close to the end of the academic year, which makes Amsterdam?

Leiden University is close to the end of the academic year its doors. The University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Vrije Universiteit (VU) Thursday afternoon to give 'yet' so far.

Maxime Meiland was bullied after leaked nude video

Maxime Meiland was bullied after nude movie that she sent to someone was spread by her classmates. The daughter of Martien Meiland tells Open map YouTuber Robbert Rodenburg she was at that time a dark period.

Italy country with most deaths from coronavirus

Italy has now officially more deaths from the coronavirus than China, where the outbreak began. The European country reported that the death toll has risen to 3405, China is the death toll in 3245.