2 April 2020, Thursday
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Starred of the known chef Niven Kunz bankrupt

Restaurant Niven in Rijswijk, from chef Niven Kunz, this week declared bankrupt. The case with one Michelin star was closed because of the corona measures, but now has finally closed its doors.

Pension funds make a dramatic fall in March

The average funding ratio of Dutch pension funds has dropped dramatically in March. Per euro promised pension fund is an average of 15 cents short.

Corona Measures aviation in February already evident

In February of this year decreased the number of air passengers to and traveled to the Netherlands over the same period a year earlier. It is for the first time in seven years there has been a decline in this period, and which is entirely attributable to the actions around the coronavirus.

HEMA pay less rent in April and May because of coronavirus

HEMA is in discussions with the landlords of retail payments in April and May less rent, the company confirmed Wednesday after reports Het Financieele Dagblad (FD).

Advice to Cabinet: extension corona measures until the end of April, limit tourism in country

The government should the measures in the fight against the coronavirus extend until late April / early May. That is the opinion of the Outbreak Management Team, say sources told Yahoo! News Hague. The government should consider to limit tourism in this country. The government today sets are taken during a crisis consultation or advice.

Tilburg hospital 3D print valves oxygen masks

Trauma Surgeons of Two Cities Elisabeth Hospital in Tilburg started with 3D printing of valves for oxygen masks.

Number corona tests coming weeks quadrupled

The number of corona tests in the coming weeks quadrupled. Initially should care personnel are tested more often, but eventually those tests should also be available to people outside the care.

Mayors after positive behavioral citizens tightening measures

Dutch mayors are generally positive about the behavior of people during the past weekend. That told them Monday after a meeting of the Security Council in Utrecht.

Cabinet extends corona measures until April 28

The corona measures have been extended until Tuesday 28th April. This was announced by the government. "I hope everyone understands this in the Netherlands," said Prime Minister Mark Rutte. According to the Prime Minister we are on the right track, but we are not there yet.

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Besides D66 will also help Christian Union Southern Europe “Marshall Plan needed ‘

The European Union must be large-scale assistance to countries such as Italy and Spain, which have been seriously affected by the corona crisis. "There should now be a new Marshall Plan for Southern Europe which is so devastated," said Gert-Jan Segers of government party Christian Union.

KNVB holds hope play in competitions Eredivisie and KKD after June 1

Although there is no professional football can be played in the Netherlands until at least June 1, the KNVB keep hoping the competitions in the Premier League and the First Division this season can still be played.

What do you do? “I James Bond truly saved me from burnout ‘

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