2 April 2020, Thursday
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Why a year without central school exam is not a disaster

The central written final exams for students in secondary education this year will not. But the exam is not as indispensable as it seems, says Joris Verheijen, professor of philosophy and religion.

Earlier this month, the British government decided already not only to close the schools, but also to cancel the scheduled final exams in May and June. Premier Johnson promised that students would have the necessary qualifications for the remainder of their careers.

In the Netherlands, teachers, educational administrators and meanwhile called on unions to the national examination to expire this year. What they previously suggested is the degree of reach based on the results achieved at school exams, which usually differ little from the Central Examination (CE). That’s a workable plan and where problems occur (for example, students still insufficient wanted to rub with a good CE) discharging with made-to-be.

Sword of Damocles

Let’s be real: it is quite difficult for the candidates to prepare themselves adequately. Like earlier disclosures squeezing them to him for the exam, like all of us they are worried about the virus, but also the gnawing doubt that they are not for nothing down block. The corona crisis hangs like a sword of Damocles over their bureautjes. “A final year has been stressful in itself and has become even worse,” said a student before.

We must recognize as teachers the support they are getting is far from optimal. They miss our presence and that of their classmates. Initiatives for distance education are needed and heartwarming, but they are not of the same weight as the classroom exam training we had planned. Students with less motivation or concentration that our help need it most, we can reach the hardest. All we are also again under pressure in crisis before the main exam and with limited resources, the school exams finished.

little sniffling

And we have not even mentioned the health risk. The chance of spreading the virus in the exam room or as small, as long as everyone sticks to the rules and those with symptoms stay home? Candidates who have worked will report soon really not sick once a full year for the exam as soon as they notice that they are a little sniffling.

The corona crisis is a disaster, but a year without that no national exam. If we guided step by step and reviewed, we have enough data to determine whether they are ready for the next step. Moreover, a crisis is an opportunity to think outside the beaten path. Let everyone give a degree sufficient state in the school and offer the rest to the year-end customization.

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