5 April 2020, Sunday
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Utrecht tram shooter Gökmen T. sentenced to life imprisonment

The court in Utrecht tram shooter Gökmen T. sentenced to life imprisonment. The court is the only appropriate punishment is possible. T. shot in March 2019 four people died in the Utrecht tram. Three others were seriously injured.

Court President Ruud Veldhuisen was clear in his judgment. The chance of T. ever is still at large should be minimized and thus a life sentence appropriate. Moreover, the court believes that if he would ever be released, the recurrence rate is high. Veldhuisen found that T. in the period before the attack was radicalized, and also has no regrets or remorse displayed. The life sentence must also put off.

The court president stopped at penetrating that were made at the trial. “Many victims have exercised the right to speak and each of them has its own way incisively expressed how deeply the suffering inflicted that lives have been destroyed or seriously disrupted.” T. responded well, by insulting them. “He has not left them too to provoke and taunt. Insofar as he has even added more suffering hearing ”

Year ago

Wednesday was the first anniversary of Gökmen T. opened fire in the tram at the 24th October Square in Utrecht. It came four people dead. Three others were seriously injured, and another did many others sometimes miraculously escape the bullets. For unknown reasons, the semi-automatic weapon T. used repeatedly got stuck, leaving some people escaped death.

T. has repeatedly admitted that he was responsible for the attack and that he acted alone. On his arm he had taped a handwritten text. “You kill people who are Muslims, and God let me kill you. Feel the pain feel Muslims. I you and your laws do not recognize. I only recognize the laws of Allah, ‘was it.


The T. lawyer opposed the lifetime requirement. Seebregts lawyer argued that his client has a disorder to be treated. “Life and diminished responsibility do not go together. The risk of recurrence is moderate to high and will remain so if he is not treated. T. has not done this for Allah. He did this because of his narcissistic disorder. Precisely that provides treatment options. That will have to be forced, voluntarily he will not cooperate. “” After the hearing he declined to comment on the court decision.

reaction kin

Lawyer Sebastopol Diekstra, is the father of Rose Verschuur shot at. by the ruling counsel announced that his client “very relieved” is. “A life sentence was the only appropriate sentence in this case and a suspect like this. Hopefully the decision quickly irrevocably so this chapter can be closed. ” Diekstra called the imposition of a life sentence during the trial of the case “the only humane punishment. Human towards the survivors, victims and society. ”

Corona also reflected in lawsuit

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus and the measures taken by the government can not attend all the families of the victims the court ruling. However there is a special video room decorated in court, but there are only a limited number of places available. T. is the statement not present in court. Not because of his bizarre behavior during the trial, but because transport and the expected resistance from him too great a burden for the coronavirus is the judicial police.

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