2 April 2020, Thursday
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US intelligence agencies warned Trump in January for pandemic

US intelligence agencies have warned in January and February that the corona virus would spread around the world. Yet President Trump downplayed the danger of the virus and then still did prominent Republicans even wonder if a nepverhaal the Democrats Trump thwart.

The United States is now experiencing rapid growth in the number of infected persons. There are already registered nearly 18 thousand corona cases, but experts suspect that many more Americans have contracted the virus. Several states have already announced strict measures in an effort to further spread out brakes.

California Friday announced an almost complete lockdown on. Citizens may for essentials only the house. After California is now in Illinois and New York a lockdown force. As of Sunday morning, all non-essential things in New York close, also in New York City, the ‘city that never sleeps’. Restaurants, bars, schools, theaters and museums are closed, the streets are largely deserted.

The US closed the border with Mexico and Canada, except for people who can demonstrate that they limit strictly necessary activities on need.

“All the alarm bells ringing ‘

According to The Washington Post arose from intelligence reports to the White House and members of Congress were very early a picture of a global pandemic. However, the authorities took no action. “Donald Trump may this might not have seen it coming, but many others in his government does. They could simply turn on him not to do anything. All the alarm bells ringing .. “the newspaper quoted a government official had access to the reports.

A spokesman for the White House called it “disgusting, despicable and outrageous that cowardly anonymous sources to try to rewrite history.” According to him, President Trump made history, aggressive measures ‘right to protect the health, welfare and safety of Americans, while the media and the Democrats are only concerned with a’ nepvertoning: illegal impeachment.

Earlier this week, was also revealed that a number of senators, including the Republican chairman of the Intelligence Committee, Richard Burr, had hastily dumped their shares after intelligence had sketched a bleak scenario. Outwardly they kept reassuring stories hang.

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