2 April 2020, Thursday
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Turkey bans elderly to go out and remove park benches

Turkey attracts the Police with megaphones through streets and antiseptic hand perfume not dragging. Since Saturday is for people over 65 and people with chronic health forbidden to leave the house.

The new measures were confirmed Sunday by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in a televised speech. Again he called to keep all citizens as possible inside. “Together we must endure this difficult time,” he said. The night before applauding Turks in major cities from their balconies for health professionals.

Many municipalities removed benches – popular meeting place for the elderly – squares and parks, free public transport passes for the elderly have been withdrawn.

Not all citizens have given this weekend responded to Erdogan’s call. As in the Netherlands many Turks seized the weather for trips to the coast and parks, where families had installed a barbecue.

Turkish media showed images of older people mingled apparently carefree among the public in public places and played backgammon in teahouses. Reporters who asked what they were doing outside, did not hear compelling reasons.


The police drove through the city and called through megaphones on the elderly to stay indoors. The Ministry of Health said that the government’s attention being paid to single people over 65. For help, they can call on the police and health services.

The counter in Turkey stood Monday at 1,256 infections and 30 deaths. Possibly it had been no more secret weapon against Turkey corona: kolonya. The old Turkish use in order to grease the hands of strong alcoholic cologne comes in handy now that the virus has gripped Turkey. The bottles are not dragging.

In Cilgim Avm Yok Yok, curiosity shop near Taksim Square in Istanbul, are still a few boxes with vials kolonya to 10 lira (1.50 euros) each. Yet another charge again: after the corona panic broke out finally in Turkey on March 12, bought the shop a good stock. Which has been up and been replaced several times. “It’s been hard, very hard,” said salesman Ahmed.

Arose long lines of shops selling the scented stuff. Meanwhile the shelves for kolonya in supermarkets have been empty for days. Daily Sabah speaks of a ‘black market’ for kolonya, with prices almost doubled. Wholesaler Ömer Kaya says in the paper that he has implemented “within an hour” that he normally sells in a year.

80 percent alcohol

Kolonya is the symbol of Turkish hospitality. Guests receive upon entering a sprinkling from a vial with inscriptions such as ‘Klasik Limon’ and ‘Rebul Mandarine’. It smells good and kills the evil outside influences. With 80 percent alcohol, the fluid operates a disinfectant.

Cologne was four hundred years ago used in the court of the Ottoman sultans, but only around 1900 developed a merchant in Ankara Turkish variant. With smart marketing he helped throughout Turkey on what he called kolonya. Besides the well-known citroenkolonya there is substance in many flavors: orange, lavender, lilac, hazelnut.

Some Turkish newspapers suggest – without scientific basis – which kolonya the explanation for the late arrival of the coronavirus in Turkey. Anyway were in Istanbul last week people everywhere with bottles in the back. Passengers on the ferry across the Bosporus also generous sprinkling of others hands.


Only Thursday, March 12th, a day after reporting the first case of disease, the country awoke from slumber corona. There were early signs of hoarding, which is not set, however. The Turks show is a sober folk.

The government has since come to a swelling number of measures. Schools and universities were closed, all the rallies were canceled, including the mosque. Bars are closed, restaurants are only allowed to send home.

“Until last week Turks spoke only about Idlib,” columnist Guvan Roof writes in the newspaper Hürriyet. “The coronavirus was exotic news from afar. But from one day to another has turned our existential anxiety. ”

Turks fruit and clothing scarce customers Sunday still here and visit Istiklal, the main shopping street of Istanbul, but certainly 90 percent of the cases, the shutters closed. Only on the Galata Bridge over the Bosphorus anglers are still side by side. Some traditions show themselves immune to the coronavirus.

Western media

Some of the pro-government press in Turkey meanwhile Turns on a different culprit: Western media, engaging the corona crisis for Turkey set daylight in an evil. They would like to do to undermine the scribes of the most successful Turkish approach to the crisis, with the bumbling Europe and the US but poor stands. A columnist for Daily Sabah mentions an “information war”.

The main evidence for this is that the BBC and The New York Times website two weeks ago, a photo from Turkey used to stories about the coronavirus elsewhere in the world. After complaints they removed the pictures.

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