5 April 2020, Sunday
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Translate the year 2020, the agency is still necessary?

More and more companies choose to do business abroad. There is much to see when you choose this drastic step. Translating your documents, web pages and promotional materials is one of the most important parts, but you’ve got actually still a translation agency for?

Translation software is becoming more intelligent, see for example the well-known Google software: Google Translate. Google Translate has developed significantly in recent years and more and more businesses are choosing to translate documents using this translation software. But you knew that was made a little mistake quickly and this can have major consequences for your company? Think of reputation damage, legal conflicts or misinterpretation of text.

Check the main reasons why it is wise to yourself to get started with translation software, but rather to opt for an experienced translation agency.

Nuance, a small difference with a big impact

Nuance is one of the main reasons for choosing an experienced translation agency. Automatic translation software, such as Google Translate, will even make no difference in nuance. Google is implementing artificial intelligence, but has not so far that we all can actually discern a slight difference. The software is still not optimally designed for all languages.

A small difference in the view can have a major impact on the purpose of the text. Misinterpretation is not only very sloppy and unprofessional, but also can cause reputational damage for large organizations.

The impact of understanding the culture

A translation agency has experienced native speakers. These translators can not just translate your texts without errors, but also have additional knowledge of the culture. There is a clear difference in the approach of Belgians, Germans, Dutch or other cultures.

Also, content experts are important for different types of documents. Think of legal translations, where it is important that the content translator knows what it is exactly about. But also technical documents which may have a small error-reaching consequences.

Join the online developments

Nowadays the visibility of your online content more important than ever. Choose the search engine optimization is considered an experienced translation agency in the translation process. A better structure, combined with the proper use of the search term, makes all the difference in the effectiveness of your texts.

So, do you choose for effectiveness, quality and reliability, or rather for the cheapest solution?

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