5 April 2020, Sunday
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“Staff member Buckingham Palace infected with coronavirus’

The British royal family has now officially make the corona crisis. An employee of Buckingham Palace is in fact infected with the virus. And while Queen Elizabeth (93) and her husband Prince Philip (98) stayed still, reports ‘The Sun’

Queen Elizabeth dwells currently at Windsor Castle. Now she does every year during the summer months, but this time they left earlier to avoid the virus. Unfortunately, it now appears that was already infected a staff member of the family of corona, reports The Sun. Furthermore it is not known to the staff member has also been in direct contact with the Queen of the United Kingdom.

Both Elizabeth and Prince Philip fall in risk because of their age, so it is obviously more exciting if they have been in contact with the person in question. Meanwhile, everyone who has been placed in contact with the employee in quarantine. “The palace has 500 staff, as in any workplace, it is not inconceivable that it is transmitted at a given time”, says a source to The Sun. The British royal family will not respond.

Those who do not stay at Windsor Castle, in any case, Harry and Meghan. The two gave up their titles. In the video below you can see how Queen Elizabeth feels about the plans of the couple.

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