2 April 2020, Thursday
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“Sports fans say massive TV subscriptions’

By coronavirus international sport is virtually silent. This has major implications for broadcasters FOX Sports and Ziggo Sport. Because of the global cancelations there is no sports and subscribers decide their commitment to say.

Reported Total TV this morning. The programming of the two pay channels consists mainly only of repetitions and there are subscribers to wait according to the magazine.

Now almost all sports such as football and Formula 1 for a long time delayed rains terminations. Reportedly asking customers even money back because the promised sports have never been broadcast by the sports pay channels.

The latter makes little sense. Providers Ziggo and KPN have already stated that there is no refund policy for both channels. The money can not be reclaimed.

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Tirol: Be alert for coronavirus when mid-March there was skiing

Winter sports enthusiasts who have been in Tirol mid-March, according to local authorities are very alert to symptoms reminiscent of the coronavirus. Several vacationers are tested positive last week and possibly more people infected in a ski center.

The film Luiz Mother in the Making

The popular television series The Mother Luiz gets a feature film as a follow Luiz Mother - Movie. Ilse Warringa that teacher Ank played in the series, is the coordinator alone, Dutch Film Works is Tuesday. This Warringa makes her feature directorial debut.

Trijntje Oosterhuis moved club tour because of coronavirus to Augustusburg

Trijntje Oosterhuis announced Wednesday on Instagram new play dates for her because of the coronavirus deferred club tour. The tour will begin on August 29 in Hengelo.

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Void corona: wild goats conquer village in Wales

Where people should stay inside by the coronavirus, taking the world of animals in some places the abandoned space. Similarly, in the town of Llandudno in Wales. Wild goats look their chance to properly explore things up.

Fire in garage in Rotterdam dozen homes evacuated

In a parking garage Vuurplaat in Rotterdam on Thursday morning four cars been on fire. The fire is now under control, reports Rijnmond Safety.

“Belgium chops decision: end competition, Club Brugge champion ‘

The corona crisis, nearly all European leagues still. The debate now is whether there is play football has to be in the summer months. In Belgium they seem finally to stop the season 2019-2020.