Public Safety wants to eliminate all mink in Southeast Brabant

The safety-Southeast Brabant wants Carola Schouten Minister of Agriculture all mink in the region allows preventive removal.

Veiligheidsregio chairman and mayor of Eindhoven John Jorritsma today wrote to the minister that only the removal of mink farms where coronavirus infection has been detected insufficient. He wants all mink companies preventively culled to prevent further infections.

Jorritsma reflects the growing concern among local residents. “The source of infection for the most recently infected farms is unknown,” said the security. “Each new discovery of contamination and the depopulation of the infected farm creates many concerns and anxiety among residents in the respective areas and the affected businesses. ‘

“We recognize that the culling is a drastic measure, because no evidence that there is an increased risk of contamination of local residents. But the board of Safety Region Brabant-South believes that the removal of the businesses is the only way to residents to restore the sense of security and health, “said Jorritsma.

Hitherto coronavirus infections are diagnosed in twenty companies in the region. These companies are in accordance with the security in a region where the effects of Q fever are still noticeable. The area is also heavily affected by the coronavirus, says Jorritsma.

Today infections were reassessed in two mink companies. It is a company in Ospel (6400 dams) and a company Vredepeel (12,500 dams). Companies are cleared as soon as possible, the Ministry of Health reports.

Jorritsma see the way is now cleared, if the appropriate response to the civil unrest going against. “Culling now takes place after establishing an infection,” he says. “Preventive depopulation of all mink companies will ensure that no new infections can occur. This prevents further unrest among residents of these areas.”

Southeast Brabant has a high concentration of mink farms. In the Netherlands, about 130 mink farms, and these are almost thirty in the region, according to figures from the Central Bureau for Statistics (CBS) in 2019. More than a third of the 800,000 mink counts the Netherlands, held in Brabant Southeast. It only looked at the dams.

In early June about 570,000 mink in North Brabant and North Limburg cuts down the Dutch Food Safety Authority (NVWA) as determined by farming coronavirus was. These were mostly puppies.

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