Offer of “We Love Hema”

Does the Hema in the hands of fans and former employees? On the last day that interested buyers could bid, the combination WeLoveHema -Keep Hema did. It must be in their own words enough for a majority. Retail experts, however, think that the proposal has little chance of success.

We Love and Love Hema Hema Both originated from citizens’ initiatives to buy the supermarket chain as a cooperative multi Hema fans and former employees.

The combination, which itself has little money for an acceptable bid, has also subscribed to another bidder, she says.

“Friday last deadline for interested buyers of Hema. Because it was a very big interest of you to invest in Hema, we feel confident in the idea that Hema in the near future may be owned by the Dutch”, write the initiators in a newsletter to their followers.

“Maybe even must be owned by the Dutch in order in the short-term private equity parties calling for an end to. Our idea is that customers, employees, suppliers and private investors co-shareholder may be Hema. This week we hear or are in the next round. ”

Who the other bidder which connection is found, is not clear. There would have several companies interested in taking the traditional Dutch company. This involves, among other things, Ahold, Delhaize (along with investment bank Lazard), Blokker and Jumbo. Further, a US investor (Flacks Group) and the Dutch investment company Parcom the piggy bank to want to return.

The probability that the Hema fans are going to work with Flacks Group of Parcom is negligible. The initiative is in fact precisely to keep the stores owned by venture capitalists.

“Come Hema again in the hands of private equity? Or will hold the last which really in safe hands of people of the brand and want to build the future of the company. The current owners are foreign investors. They now have the goal of much possible to earn money from the sale of HEMA, “ask promoters including Senator Mei Li Vos in a call for a good offer to raise money through crowdfunding.

Fox and the other fans of the store hoping to raise about 100 million euros. That seems low for a company where there are 1.1 billion was paid in 2007. “But Hema is currently no more than 200 to 300 million euros worth”, says retail expert Professor Cor Molenaar and retail & marketing Kitty Koelemeijer both.

Hema grew well in some stores, but not in profits, says Koelemeijer. “It’s really about all other prices than in 2007. All it gives you even with 100 million. The creditors will want their money back.”

It is a debt of 350 million euros. “If the other bidder that the combination talking about has bijlegt 100 million, you can probably find other financiers like banks the rest. You have 100 million because quite a good cash basis. But I wonder if they really so much to go get on fans and former employees. these people have only committed themselves to support this project, but there is still paid a cent, “Koelemeijer said.

Show me the money so. In addition, she is not convinced that the promoters are the right leaders for the department store. “It is unclear whether they want to take place in the management and to engage with the vision, but the impression I have. Banks will not stand in line. They want a strong and experienced management.”

Indeed, there is much to do. Hema wants to expand to other countries to sell more online, the formula needs to be overhauled. “You have a very good management and good corporate governance needs. You do not get with some fans. A cooperative can not control this. Maybe it can if the franchisees get behind the project, there is a lot of money and knowledge. But I do not think there is much chance of success. ”

Cor Molenaar sees nothing in management where fans of the department store in it. “Out of the whole project goes a huge naivety. You should not underestimate how difficult it is to Hema good running profitable business making. Since you have a quarterback for the necessary experience. You might as well Blokker family itself supports behind. That I also see it as an ideal combination. Blokker now competes with Hema, you can go shopping and combine in some cities one of the two closing. you get a Hema store with a small Blokker range. ”

Miller also not expected WeLoveHema / Hold Hema has 100 million. “If you ask people if they see Hema and heritage, they say yes. But the same people also buy or the Action. Donate to a hundred euro or more the man for this project?”

Is there anyway for future Hema? V & D miss most Dutch not really. Miller: “If only the products is: no, you can buy anywhere Hema should really opt for concept stores with a perception that they are already part with their restaurants you go to Blokker for a quick errand,… but Hema you stay longer. ”

Koelemeijer: “Then you come to go to the question of where the Hema have the chain has a few iconic items such as smoked sausage and tompouce They have a large fan base based on nostalgia, but is part of it.. to a competitor as tea lights or notebooks that are cheaper. you have the brand create something valuable. a competitive rates coupled with quality but also a Hema-sensation must bind people to you. And do you really need a good strategy. “

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