Nutrition Center: vitamin D helps if you can not go out

The Nutrition Center advises people who do not come out of this crisis corona extra vitamin D to swallow. Normally, that most people do not need, but with increasingly urgent calls to stay within that change.

The Nutrition Center points out that most people who eat healthy and get daily 15 to 30 minutes outside, enough vitamin D intake. And you increase your resistance not even more to get inside.

quarter daylight

But with the increasingly urgent advice as much as possible to stay inside, there will be people who do not reach the quarter light. Vitamin D helps then certainly your resistance to increase, says the Nutrition Center.

For the quarter daylight is otherwise certainly not necessary to make a walk. Sit on your balcony, or if necessary for your open window is enough. The Nutrition Center stressed that they recommend you follow the advice of the RIVM.

Keeps virus not against

This is not to say that vitamin D keeps the coronavirus out. This is no scientific evidence. It promotes resistance is proven.

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For children up to 4 years, pregnant women, the elderly and people who barely catch sunlight, applies always advised to take vitamin D for other reasons.

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