5 April 2020, Sunday
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Nursing homes close doors, Rutte calls keep distance

All nursing homes and small housing for the elderly will immediately lock for visitors. According to the government, this measure is necessary because the elderly are very vulnerable to the corona outbreak.

The decision means that doors are closed to anyone not necessary for care. There is only one exception for the elderly who are in the dying phase. In that case, there remains the opportunity to say goodbye to.

Health Minister Hugo de Jonge takes corona file on the Thursday resigned minister Bruins. He speaks of a radical measure. “No visit, which may take no more,” said the CDA. According to the minister, it is likely that the measure is also maintained after April 6 to add extra protection to the most vulnerable people.

Within the nursing sector there is understanding for the decision not to allow more visitors. “Despite the arrangements we had made, such as the rule that only one visitor per patient per day might come, we saw the houses virus very quickly,” says Conny Bright, director of Actiz, association of HMOs.

“In Brabant, the majority of the nursing homes have one or several corona cases, some really very much. If we still want to be in the rest of the Netherlands, we just have to take this measure, how horrible we find that too. ”

One and a half meters

Prime Minister Mark Rutte is not to mention the way the Netherlands provisions deal has communicated the government earlier. He especially sees that people do not always have very particular with the rule that half meter distance should be kept between them. “You see that we have not yet internalized this as a society,” said Rutte.

He brought earlier in the day visiting a supermarket. Fillers subjects complained there with him, customers sometimes save a little distance. Rutte: “They told me to grab people and products in the neck stand to pant.”


People in the park may have the best there ‘cozy’, but they must keep their distance, says Rutte. The same goes for people who exercise together. If this rule is followed, leads to a “massive decline” of the risk that people become infected, according to the premier.

The government still does not take any further action to enforce that fewer people come into contact with each other. But Rutte reiterated its call on people with cold symptoms to stay at home and in addition to sneezing and shaking hands in the sleeves no.

Wake up call

The collapse that befell the Bruins minister resigned Wednesday in the parliamentary debate and the diagnosis that the VVD has been exhausted, according to the Young “a wake-up call for the government. “Bruins said here Sunday still: watch a bit alike. That’s what we do in the Cabinet. ”

According to Young, it is important that the ministers most involved in the corona file must be replaced each other. Officials also go in pairs work, he suggested, to prevent a crucial place ‘someone falling over.

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