Not only is coming 5G, 6G is also in the pipeline

While some people with suspicion looks at the advent of the 5G network is working all print jobs to the successor. Although there is probably only about ten years, 6G is already in the making.

Bart Smolders is one of the developers. He works for the Technical University of Eindhoven (TU / e) in the new network. “We’ve been working longer, last year we had a major European grant to develop the technology for 6G”, he tells EditieNL.

That is a process that takes years. Smolders think the network is going to be over about ten years. “Until now it was always been so that between each G decade. For us developers 5G is now on for the rest it is just beginning.”

half second

But what is the difference between all the G’s? It’s all according Smolders especially in the speed of the network. “With 3G takes weeks for a movie to download,” he explains. “With 4G take that one hour, and the first generation 5G approximately 50 minutes. From 2025 to 5G takes about 40 seconds. When 6G network you already have a movie in within half a second.”

You may wonder how much sense it, all that speed. Because it makes all the difference whether you are a movie in a minute or lands in half a second? Smolders thinks so. “There are many applications which are currently in the pipeline, we have never heard of. Or consider fully self-driving cars, we might have in the future self-flying drones. Then you 6G really needed.”

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