No Sinterklaasintocht this year, but a new St.

Actor Derek de Lint enters this year tenth Sinterklaas Amsterdam. The bad news: the classic entry on horseback can not continue because the measures against corona.

During the last entry rode Derek de Lint with the result of Christmas. If post important person on the bike, to the letters and drawings from receiving to children and to get up close to see what it is all new saintly awaits. “I found it very impressive, all those people along the roadside. And all eyes are on Christmas. I was dressed as soot sweep important person, but I do not believe that someone has recognized me. ”

The 69-year-old actor starred in over a hundred films and television all kinds of roles, but the robe he pulls for the first time. “I consider it an honor to do,” De Lint says of his appointment. “I am the grandfather of four grandchildren. We go faithfully to the entry. Two years ago recognized Jeroen KrabbĂ© me along the way. He made a neat turn his horse out to socialize. He as St. I like Grandpa. I did not know then that I would get stuck again on that horse. ”

The Ribbon is the tenth Sinterklaas Amsterdam, a hall of fame that began in 1934 with the great actor Eduard Verkade. The entry in the capital is still the largest in the country with hundreds of thousands of children and mothers and fathers along the route. “I take it very seriously,” assures De Lint. “I’ve obviously thought about what I want for St. I myself like a stately St., it should not be too popular. I think it’s not a pretty sight as the St. high-fivend goes through the streets. ”

That will not happen this year anyway. Corona also throws in the case of the entry on 15 November spanner in the works. The Foundation Sinterklaas in Amsterdam this week decided that the traditional ride through the city in any case can not proceed. There is likely to be selected for a check with the steamer on Zeeburgereiland. Without audience, says De Lint. “There are now scenarios designed to help children as much as possible to enjoy the entry. But it will be different. ”

How is the actor in times of corona? “In the film industry lies almost all flat. I would go this year to South Africa to shoot a movie. That is not currently on. My heart goes out especially to young colleagues who have little awareness and no money in the bank. For them, this must be a terribly difficult time. I enjoy all the time I can spend time with my family, but the result remains of course terrible. “

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