9 April 2020, Thursday
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NL-Alert central government: keep 1.5 meters!

The government has sent Sunday morning around 11:30 a NL-Alert which everyone is urged to keep sufficient distance to each other and also continued to keep the corona instructions.

“Follow instructions on central government: keep 1.5 meters! Are you sick or cold? Stay at home. Protect yourself and those around you. Together against corona. Keep your distance to others. “With the NL-Alert, including distress who came among other smartphones, the government hopes an overly rapid spread of preventable coronavirus. In this sunny weekend show many Dutch are still pulling out cheerfully to like to beaches, parks, stores and garden centers. It moreover many people do not seem to hold each other to a safe distance.

Saturday union FNV hit all the alarm about the situation in hardware stores, where many customers come that sales staff feels inadequately protected. Mayors of seaside resorts warn the public today not to come to the beach for fear of too large gathering of people at the high tide line. NS also appealed and sent a message to phones NS customers: travel only if absolutely necessary! And keep 1.5 meters apart.

NL alert is the “alarm-agent” that can reach the Dutch government during disasters or emergencies citizens. Allows the government to sound the alarm or important pieces of information. The most recent audit report, which was sent in December, has reached over 12.9 million Dutch, about 85 percent of people over 12 years.

The RIVM that his computer models informs the Dutch policy on the spread of the virus, which means models take into account the fact that not every Dutch obedient to the instructions of the government will succeed. “We make them an estimate,” said lead modeler Jacco Wallinga earlier this newspaper. “But it remains guesswork.”

According Wallinga is now broadcast the NL Alert irrespective of whether the correct estimate. “We want the widest possible participation of all the people on the measures taken. The more people follow government instructions, the better. “The models RIVM calculates what measures are necessary to maximize immunity among the population to build without us going over the available capacity in intensive care.

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