9 April 2020, Thursday
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Lammers doubts about Dutch GP in 2020: “Do you still want it?”

After the postponement of the Grand Prix at Zandvoort was soon discussed in the corridors on a new date for the race in August. Jan Lammers, sporting director of the Dutch Grand Prix, however, wonders whether there really still be racing this year.

It was so nice to be: on Sunday, May 3rd would be racing Formula 1 for the first time in 35 years again at Circuit Zandvoort. The licenses were arranged, the renovation of the track was completed and everything was on track for a nice orange festival in the first weekend of May. The coronavirus but threw spanner in the works and ensured that the Grand Prix of the Netherlands is one of the many races on the F1 calendar has already been postponed because of the virus.

Behind the scenes we are working through the F1 hard to make a dignified yet racing calendar this year. As expected F1 CEO Chase Carey that can go the season still starting from the summer and has been brought forward to the summer break in August. Many fans thought then quickly on a new date for Zandvoort in August just before the Grand Prix of our southern neighbors at Spa-Francorchamps. Sporting director Jan Lammers put However, there are doubts.

“Will there be a world?”

“The fans may think of August and the desire of course is the father of the idea,” says Lammers in the new episode of RTL GP online motorsports program Slipstream. “But you have the fan still like to? Suppose our country would already be clean of the virus in June or July, what’s happened in the rest of the world? Think about Ferrari, Alpha Tauri, Pirelli and Alfa Romeo. All those people who come from there can not travel freely summer and August in this context, very close. ”

Not only in practical terms put Lammers be questioned August, “What you should ask is, if you all could do in August logistics, you have to or want Is it appropriate While many people still will? fight with the consequences of this period is not personally or economically I think myself actually much further:. are going to have a world championship, I think that question is more relevant, it would not surprise me if the future will tell.?. that the whole world will be placed at risk. ”

Sport no necessity of life

“Sport is obviously super important in life, but it is not the first necessity of life,” continues Lammers delaying the race at Zandvoort certainly do not want to designate as a drama. “Think of all those people who depend on their daily cash flow. If not open their shop or business they have no reserves or excess amounts in the bank, and develop naturally worried. Those are the bad things in the world.”

“I think a big part of our race fans economically also been affected by this story. Before there is such a nice party, we must first ensure that it is appropriate to organize it.”

‘Reigns virus’

If F1 decide Zandvoort later still overtaken this year, the organization reportedly little control over the final date, though it is claimed Lammers currently pointless to talk about which party is leading in terms of assembling a new calendar: “No one is in charge. Then may we all have tough tracks, but the virus reigns at the moment and will override all.”

Watch the full episode of RTL GP Slipstream

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