5 April 2020, Sunday
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Kijktip: A Quiet Place on Spike

March is the month on Spike and horror that every week means a horror movie on TV. Friday is the turn of A Quiet Place.

March is the month on Spike and horror that every week means a horror movie on TV. Friday is the turn of A Quiet Place.

The Abbott family trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world where monsters with very sensitive hearing care for death and destruction. Everything and everyone must be as quiet as possible.

A Quiet Place is no horror with “jump scares or liters of blood. Director John Krasinski, best known for his role in The Office, carries the tension with many silences and small sounds that can have major consequences. He plays an important role in the film, like his wife Emily Blunt.

A Quiet Place is Friday to see 20:30 on Spike. The film also shows on Netflix. Next Friday connect the transmitter horror month with Realms.

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