9 April 2020, Thursday
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Jet black day for Italy: 475 deaths a day

More than 250 million people worldwide are housebound by the coronavirus. Italy experienced its worst day, while corona epicenter Wuhan established for the first time no new cases.

It was a jet black day in Italy. Yet another in line for the hardest hit by the coronavirus European country. In 24 hours deceased Wednesday 475 people from the consequences of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. In no country in the world deceased in one day so many people Covid-19. Even China is not where the virus emerged in late December.

According to official figures, have died in Italy in 2978 people with the coronavirus. That’s almost a third of deaths worldwide, whereas established in Italy eight percent of the infections. The actual number of deaths seems even greater to be: as nursing homes report a large number of deaths among residents who are not officially tested for coronavirus.

It is suspected that the infection rate in Italy in fact many times greater than official figures suggest. Because not everyone has these symptoms are being tested, the percentage of people that would be estimated too high dies from the disease. Also in the Netherlands, not everyone checked phenomena as a result of a lack of testing.

Furthermore appear in Italy, which has on Japan after the oldest population in the world, especially older people become infected. Who dies a significantly greater chance of the disease, especially if they have ailments. In South Korea, which is also heavily affected by the coronavirus, the virus is mainly established by young people between 20 and 29 years old, is in Italy, more than half of the infected over 63 years.

As explained by RIVM director Jaap van Dissel said Wednesday in Parliament during the hearing that the Italian usually is several generations living together. Therefore old people with relatively more people in touch than for example in the Netherlands, and so they run more risk of infection.

center of gravity

The focus of the corona epidemic has now moved from China to the West. Still, China is the country with the most victims and sick, but since its Wednesday the death toll and number of patients for the first time outside China higher than in the country itself. While almost all European and North and South American heavy take measures Beijing Wednesday announced the cautious beginning of the end of the outbreak in their own country.

For the first time since the beginning of the epidemic in the Wuhan province, where the virus first appeared Wednesday found no new infections. A day previously established werdnog one new infection while in the province during the peak in January bijkwamen everyday thousands of new cases.

Are still some 80,000 people in China infected with the virus. The lockdown which holds about two months, is not yet released, but China’s medical advisers say told Reuters trust that strict measures be lifted within weeks.

Those optimistic messages are received with mistrust outside China. The decline would be caused by the Chinese government less or no more tests have performed. It also warned of a “second wave” of infections if the restrictions are lifted, the virus again could just quickly can spread.

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