5 April 2020, Sunday
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Italy goes beyond China as the country with most deceased patients corona

Italy has passed China as the country with most deaths caused by the coronavirus. The number of deaths in Italy rose to 3,405 Thursday. That there are more than 160 in China.

Italy has passed China as the country with most deaths caused by the coronavirus. The number of deaths in Italy rose to 3,405 Thursday. That there are more than 160 in China.

The Italian authorities say Thursday at the start of the evening in the last 24 hours 427 persons are deceased. A day earlier, a record number of deaths were reported: 475.

The many deaths camps crematoriums in Bergamo with capacity. Deceased patients are therefore transported in the night from Wednesday to Thursday by the military to cremation in neighboring provinces.

The first Italian infected with the coronavirus came on February 21 to light, while Chinese authorities have since had to deal with the virus in late December. Meanwhile the number of new infections and deaths dropped sharply in China.

More established infections in China

The total number of persons in whom the virus is identified, it is still considerably higher in China. There are more than 81,000 cases of infection detected.

The number of established infections in Italy is Thursday at 41 035, 14.9 percent more compared to the previous day. Of these there are 2,498 in intensive care. Most patients are in the northern region of Lombardy.

Italian authorities and experts believe the actual number of infections is higher in Italy. This is partly because almost only people who report being tested in hospitals for coronavirus.

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