Insurers do not pay for hastily built corona hospitals

The emergency hospitals in the Rotterdam Ahoy and MECC Maastricht are made without consultation or approval from authorities. Who will foot the bill for 14 million?

Nobody knows who the two emergency hospitals receive funding in late March in almost all were built in the Rotterdam Ahoy and MECC Maastricht. The construction of the emergency hospitals was not supported by other care facilities in the region and therefore the insurers say they can not pay. In both emergency hospitals located has no patient. The cost is estimated at 14 million euros.

According to research by Platform for investigative journalism Investico Trouw, De Limburger and Fresh Concrete. The emergency hospitals, for patients who are too sick to stay at home but need not be admitted to the intensive care unit, have been demolished. New emergency hospitals, for a possible second wave of corona patients are not considered.

A condition

For the compensation of adventitious corona care health insurers lined up on 17 March one condition, approved by the regional acute care chain (Roaz). In these consultations are healthcare institutions in the region, including hospitals, GP and nursing homes. They can assess the need for additional facilities. In Rotterdam and Maastricht emergency hospitals were built without the support of the consultative body. It seems that the decision hastily.

Maastricht was the decision of the hospital Maastricht UMC to build arena, MECC to, as a surprise, says Jack Jansen, a member of the Roaz South Limburg and responsible for corona another center in a Van der Valk hotel in Urmond. “We would meet capacity together. I think I should have known. ” In Rotterdam, the plan was discussed in the regional health consultation, but never approved. The explanation Roaz refuses to surrender the process and answer any questions on substantive doubts.

Overcrowded hospitals in Italy

When choosing to Ahoy to build up emergency hospital factor was that the municipality had already paid the rent for the canceled Eurovision Song Contest. This week was to rent out; also happens when the emergency was aborted. The ‘images of overcrowded hospitals in Italy were clearly on the retina, Rotterdam wrote afterwards in a report. Therefore, Mayor Aboutaleb decided yet put to the building.

The insurers are critical in choosing Ahoy and MECC. Silver Cross, the largest insurer in the Rotterdam region, would prefer that you make to existing healthcare extra space. “We expect that it is effective.” Also insurer CZ, the largest in South-Limburg, does not contribute to the financing of the MECC, because no agreements have been made in the Roaz.

In Rotterdam the Safety advance the amount of over nine million, because “the crisis was no time to arrange advance financing of the emergency hospital,” a spokesperson. The safety hopes to recover the cost of, for example the government and health insurers, while those just stated they will not pay.

In North Carolina, where the outbreak was most severe, has not decided to build an emergency hospital for patients who no ICU care needed. “In our region there was in regular care and nursing homes have sufficient capacity,” say the Brabant security regions. “This ability is otherwise never complete. been busy. ”

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