5 April 2020, Sunday
6 C

In Belarus there is “just” played football “Drinking vodka and hard work ‘

Almost all football leagues are there temporarily because of the coronavirus. Only in Belarus is ‘just’ even played soccer.

Last Thursday began the new season of the Belarusian Premier League (the highest football league in Belarus). Players may just shake hands with each other and supporters are welcome in the stadium.

Do not panic

Belarus still does it not worry about the consequences of the coronavirus. In total there are now 69 established infections and there are no deceased to the virus. President Alexander Lukashenko recently came up with a special advice. “Drink lots of vodka, go to the sauna and work hard.”

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Kijktip: Final Episode Hollands Hope

In cooperation with Super Guide provides tips for NU.nl television Sunday. The Dutch drama series Hollands Hope closes tonight again on the third season. Who knows how to keep his wits in the final episode and who goes near the end submerged?

Corona Measures aviation in February already evident

In February of this year decreased the number of air passengers to and traveled to the Netherlands over the same period a year earlier. It is for the first time in seven years there has been a decline in this period, and which is entirely attributable to the actions around the coronavirus.

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Van Haarlem goes shopping for raid: trace offenders

A Jumbo supermarket in Haarlem has been early morning target of a ram raid. A white Volkswagen van drove for opening the shutter to smithereens, and then turned the supermarket. The two perpetrators have run away with an unknown prey.

Two missing members Kennedy family supposedly died in canoe

In the United States, two members of the Kennedy family missing after a canoe trip. This was announced by the authorities in the US state of Maryland on Friday. According to a statement Friday from the mother and grandmother of the missing are probably the two deceased. It is yet another tragedy in the illustrious Kennedy political race.

Homes evacuated after a chimney fire in the Clercqstraat

Because of a chimney fire in the Clerqstraat Haarlem had to be evacuated several homes Friday. Nobody was injured in the fire.