Hotels in Rotterdam throw up prices during contest or block rooms

Hotel Prices in Rotterdam skyrocket now clear on what days the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be held in Rotterdam. Many hotel rooms are no longer available.

Today it was announced that the semi-finals on 18 and 20 May will take place and the final on Saturday May 22. It is a boost for Rotterdam, the contest had to cancel last month in connection with the coronavirus.

It soon became clear that the 65th edition of the contest organized yet in Rotterdam, but in 2021. Fans who could just use it all remain a ticket.

Like last year, many hotels bookings closed for the week of 18 to 23 May. There are almost no more options for a hotel room booking. That is partly because the organization of the Eurovision Song Contest has about 3,000 hotel rooms needed for, among other participants, crew, guests and members of the organization.

Hilton, ibis Rotterdam City Center, citizenM Hotel Rotterdam and City have partly still put their booking options. At the hotels bookings have opened shows that the costs increase significantly ahead of the contest.

At ibis takes a double room with one bed for the period 4 to May 9 460 euros. A week later, you pay 865 euros, while the options in the week from 18 to 23 may not be available.

When Nhow Rotterdam doubles the price. In a typical week, 150 euros is requested per room per night, 750 euro total price if you keep 4 to May 9th. In the week of the contest shooting that amount up to 300 euros per night, and a total of 1208.

This also applies to the Marriot. A room of 4 to May 9 as costs 218 euros per night or 1090 euros total. In the week and the week before the contest runs the price up to more than 350 euros per night and more than 1,800 euros for one week.

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