5 April 2020, Sunday
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Harry van den Bergh (1942-2020), the Labor Party has never released

Labor MP Harry van den Bergh had to give up his seat under pressure in 1987, but never harbored resentment against politics. Friday he died.

That characteristic mustache. That was Harry van den Bergh. The former MP for the Labor Party died Friday at the age of 77.

Harry Jacob van den Bergh, born on April 1, 1942 in Amsterdam, from 1970 to 1972 research assistant at the Koos Vorrink Institute. Until 1975 he was a staff member of the parliamentary group of the Labor Party, and then international secretary.

Before he arrived in the House in 1977, he was still as money courier for the CIA, as it was later placed in the press. Van den Bergh smuggled after the Carnation Revolution of 1974 money to Portugal to support the government of the socialist Mário Soares to. He thought he was commissioned by Willy Brandt, leader of the West German SPD, but in reality the Americans were behind. They supported Soares, afraid that otherwise the communists would come to power.


From 1977 to 1987 he was Member of Parliament, where foreign and defense among its specialties. He left the room after he had fallen into disrepute. These were (supposed) knowledge in trading of aircraft manufacturer Fokker shares. Het Parool wrote after leader of the Labor Party, Wim Cook had decided to investigate: “That lot traded were shares Fokker (including with borrowed money), while it was established, but not so well with insider was happened. ”

Van den Bergh was not initially intend to give the House membership, but still succumbed under political pressure. “Because I so love politics, I have for years been angry and sad about my departure from the House. It was later determined that it could not be proved that I acted with insider trading. There was no reason to step up to, but yeah, I do not need to explain what happens when The Associated Press with a story runs off and Wim Cook nervous. It has been a dramatic bad time for me, “he said in Trouw.

Too hard drive

Room after his time, he was a longtime chairman of Traffic Safety Netherlands (where he fell into disrepute after he had driven too fast on the highway), and from 2000 to 2013 he was President of Refugees Netherlands.

But politics never let him loose, and in 2006 he became the Labor Party councilor in his hometown Amstelveen. He harbored no resentment. “I never abandoned the Labor Party. There were plenty of people who said to me, ‘Give them a kick in the ass, the bastards. ” But I was and am a social democrat at heart, albeit a moderate. And I remained, despite the incident. ”

In 2018, Van den Berg resigned as councilor. He began to concentrate on his art collection. Last year, Harry van den Bergh was still roped in as a consultant for the Amstelveen Council for Culture, to boost the ailing arts and culture sector.

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