2 April 2020, Thursday
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Hard // main financial problems cancel festival

The jubilee internet magazine Hard // head has come through the corona crisis in acute need of money. The sale of a print of the Amsterdam artist Raquel Haver must unblock the situation.

It would be super acid: rollover with the celebration of the tenth anniversary in sight. Nevertheless likely to happen with Hard // head. The cultural internet magazine would be Saturday birthday party celebration in cultural HEM in Zaandam.

Two of the five hundred tickets were already sold when last Wednesday was the power event. “1,400 people have signed up, so the expectation was that we would sell out very hard,” says editor Mark Borer.

“This is a huge financial setback. As a voluntary organization we can catch the part itself and HEM immediately offered to rent the location by moving back to September. But we are now much revenue miss and stuck with additional support expenditure, production, advertising and of course the line-up together around 9,000 euros. ”

pay compensation

// hard head chooses the booked artists, writers and artists anyway pay a fourth of their compensation. “Some people have said, but love. Others want to be paid only when they have actually occurred. We want to make this gesture because artists are now in a difficult situation. Moreover, this is in our DNA; the authors come first. ”

// hard head was founded in 2010 as one of the first Internet magazines. In fresh written contributions with an approach that is personal but not inward-looking, treat editors and contributors literature, film, visual arts and politics.

“Hard // head is an online and offline breeding,” says De Borer. “The website is free of charge – a space without ads. This experiment young creators, without having to fear having to go into their mouths, without the pressure to make things clickbaitachtige too. ”

The party in the HEM was intended to celebrate the mission and reach new audiences, “cross against all skepticism about art and culture,” like pose Borer. But also to present the goals and strategy for the next decade. “We want to organize master classes and workshops for new creators, as we last year in the Warehouse Zwijger have done on illustration. And we want to focus more on the visual arts, with editorial coverage and an online exhibition space. ”

collage Series

For the survival of Hard // head to secure and realize dreams, the Internet magazine has now started a campaign with the help of an artist arrived. Raquel of Oats, which are exhibited in the Capital last year, makes an artwork in circulation. Being – signed and numbered – sent to anyone Hard // head supports five euros per month.

“This work is part of a collage series I’m working on now,” Van Haver said. “Normally I work very big, but this is A4. I have old pieces for my own work in process and pictures of Hard // main events. And it’s about Amsterdam, with its canals, doves, tulips and Amsterdam famous. ”

It is hoped that this campaign is as successful as the previous one with Jan Hoek – three hundred donors came forward afterward. Then // Hard head and celebrated the festival in September. Corona willing, of course.

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