2 April 2020, Thursday
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Halsema calls lockdown ‘horrific measure’

Halsema mayor defends vigorously the decision of the Cabinet for the time being not to proceed with a lockdown. She calls it a “horrific” measure, especially in a densely populated city like Amsterdam.

The mayor says this Sunday in the television program Buitenhof. “We are prepared as mayors to take radical measures if necessary,” said Halsema. “But we prefer that people take responsibility, you people do not lock up their houses, because that’s a horrific measure.”

Halsema is responding to the growing calls for a lockdown, a de facto ban on nonessential travel. Belgium has already announced such a regime, but there Netherlands chooses not to because of the profound impact this has on society.

Especially in Amsterdam would be required to stay inside have enormous impact. “It is good that young people are outside and not trapped in small flats. (…) Most people live in small apartments. For young people and children is dramatic, as they have to stay home. ”

stricter measures

However, the urgent advice is to keep 1.5 meter distance from other people. But this weekend it appears that in busy places like the Vondelpark, the Dapper Market or the Amsterdam Forest is becoming increasingly difficult. Sunday morning announced stricter measures to prevent crowds were on the market.

“The current buzz is very worrisome. People should stay home as a starting point, “says the mayor. “Just make a detour should be, or enjoy the sun. But if you are outside, go to the park not, if the pressure on the market, then go off. Standoff is crucial. ”

Incidentally Halsema also indicates that Amsterdam and other major cities of the measures taken by the government, will perform immediately, even if it means a lockdown of the city.

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