2 April 2020, Thursday
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Government, mayors, politicians – everyone raises the alarm: stay home or keep 1.5 meters!

The government has sent an NL-Alert Sunday morning where everyone is urged to keep sufficient distance to each other and to adhere to the corona instructions. Various organizations and politicians sound the alarm about the irresponsible crowds on beaches, in DIY stores, garden centers or parks.

“Follow instructions on central government: keep 1.5 meters! Are you sick or cold? Stay at home. Protect yourself and those around you. Together against corona. Keep your distance to others. ”

With the NL-Alert, including distress who came among other smartphones, the government hopes an overly rapid spread of preventable coronavirus. In this sunny weekend show many Dutch are still pulling out cheerfully to like to beaches, parks, stores and garden centers. It is also clear in many places that people do not always keep sufficient distance from each other.

Other organizations and politicians have already beaten alarm via social media about the irresponsible crowds in some places. Christian Union leader Gert-Jan Segers’ Brabantse IC doctors told us this week that they had been looking whining pictures on social media totally irresponsible Border dwellers. In Brabant people die corona and above the rivers do far too many people if they know nothing. ”

VVD leader Klaas Dijkhoff: “Stay in your own bubble! To all those people on the market, in the park and ‘shit on corona’-home parties: Doe. Effe. Normal! The heroes in healthcare ask only one thing: stay home if possible and if you need to hort: keep away ‘!

Also PVV leader Geert Wilders, who made so far is very critical about the Dutch approach to the corona crisis, a call for people to stay at home as much as possible. “The intensive care capacity is now running at very fast to its maximum limits, many people still go just to terraces, beaches, parks and shops without sufficient distance,” Wilders said on twitter. “There must now be a quick short #lockdown people and if possible please stay home!”

Preservation of Nature reports that the natural areas are “flooded with thousands of visitors,” and makes an urgent request to everyone ‘to go home or to stay at home. ” The nature organization will no longer justified the crowds in nature. “We understand that this is not a nice word, but necessary: ​​DO NOT NATURE IN TODAY!”

That call is not taken by everyone. “Do not be silly ‘, says someone on twitter. “If people keep enough distance from each other, there is nothing to worry about. This kind gepaniek we have nothing. The RIVM calls only stay at home when you’re sick. ”

Earlier this week Natuurmonumenten pointed out another way to enjoy nature: 19 special nature reserves are also virtual visit on a laptop or smartphone using Google Street View. His 25 spoonbill breeding flocks to follow through the ‘Lepelaarcam.

NS has also appealed Sunday and sent a message to phones NS customers’ travel only if absolutely necessary! And keep 1.5 meters apart. ”

Mayors of beach places like Zandvoort and Bloemendaal, call day people stay away from the beaches, after the huge crowds on Saturday. Also closed parking near the beach. “It is crucial that everyone abides by the rules and can take to control the spread of the coronavirus,” the mayor of Zandvoort. “A distance of 1.5 meters contagion decreases tremendously. When walking the beaches as full as today maintaining this distance is difficult. ”

Earlier joined unions all the alarm about the situation in hardware stores, where many customers come that sales staff feels inadequately protected. Mayors of seaside resorts warn the public today not to come to the beach for fear of too large gathering of people at the high tide line.

NL-Alert is the “alarm-agent” that can reach the Dutch government during disasters or emergencies citizens. Allows the government to sound the alarm or important pieces of information. The most recent audit report, which was sent in December, has reached over 12.9 million Dutch, about 85 percent of people over 12 years.

The RIVM that his computer models informs the Dutch policy on the spread of the virus, which means models take into account the fact that not every Dutch obedient to the instructions of the government will succeed. “We make them an estimate,” said lead modeler Jacco Wallinga earlier this newspaper. “But it remains guesswork.”

According Wallinga is now broadcast the NL-Alert irrespective of whether the correct estimate. “We want the widest possible participation of all the people on the measures taken. The more people follow government instructions, the better. “The models RIVM calculates what measures are necessary to maximize immunity among the population to build without us going over the available capacity in intensive care.

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