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Gijs Blom, ‘our’ prince of Netflix

Gijs Blom enjoyed success book Letter for the King. Now he acts in the large-scale Netflixserie.

Of course Gijs Blom (23) the book Letter to King Tonke Dragt in the closet. “Two even. A more modern edition and an original edition of my father. His father read to him, my father gave me. I’m going to read it again during the rotation period. ” Blom talking about filming the Netflix series The Letter for the King, the famous story (see below) that opens Friday at the streaming service.

big premiere

Blom (including painkillers, Battle Of The Scheldt (later this year) and the film Boys, for which he received a Golden Calf Nomination best actor) and Metro would each take on Dam Square in the capital, but hey, that’s just not. “That’s just the way it is. Two weeks ago, I heard that was not allowed to go through the big premiere with the entire cast in Tuschinski. It was one of the first things that were canceled in the Netherlands. At that moment I felt very sorry, but was soon understand. It would now no more save. But apart anyway to make a digital press day from my own home, an absurd experience. ”

Jealous younger son

From Friday to all those people sitting at home anyway via Netflix enjoy the series The Letter for the King, with Gijs Blom as Prince Viridian. The prince is the youngest – and jealous – son of King Favian, a part of a second Dutchman (Yorick van Wageningen). “That people can see something positive. I make shows and movies with two goals. First thing to illuminate and make a point. And two, to entertain viewers as to escape from everyday life. This weird time is a good time to provide the entertainment. But at least I had of course seen people The Letter for the King could look at the end of a normal week. ”

How Netflix came to the young Dutchman from anyway? “I had sent a self tape, as nowadays so often with international projects. Casting directors do an online call and you can then respond to. I’ve coincidentally incorporated by Yorick van Wageningen home. I was looking for just anyone had experience with that and asked him to help me. I called Yorick and then told me that he already had a role in the series, as king. Now I play his son. Bizarre. Anyway, after a long wait I was rejected with the explanation that the audition was good but too young. I was very happy and proud, because usually hear nothing when a thousand tapes come in for one role. The rejection was okay, but the next day the director wanted to do with me skype. When was the prince Viridian, while I had auditioned for the role of his brother (who is indeed benign, ed.). ”

‘Bad guy is approaching just flat’

The role of Blom is now played a ruthless conqueror who says that thousands of people will die. “Many exciting yes,” says the Amsterdam who for the recordings to New Zealand ( ‘what a beautiful country) and Prague had. “The sets were great, it looks great.” How ruthless Viridian is, Blom did not just drop him so. “If you approach the prince very flat, you can simply ask: bad guy, dangerous, intimidating, frightening, all the things that I’m not personally. The only way I could play the prince was just not that bad guy trying to be. I saw a broken child, who has not had love in his youth that he should have had. In his own way he is trying to find an answer to the question of what is good and what is bad. The answer he found, but his solution to evil is perhaps less popular. ”

Is there to get sympathy for his character? Barnes: “It is still entirely up to the viewer. clarity is created in one episode and is the prince obviously intimidating. You know then how the ratios. Then you see someone who does not necessarily want the world must burn, but something really out of conviction. Or you will understand Viridian, then it is up to you. ”


Tonke Dragt, now 89 years old, took the 455 page book Letter to the King in 1962 from. Many feasted on the story of teen and future knight Tiuri, who wrote to the king must provide and the way (and back) exciting adventures. In 1963 Tonke Dragt awarded the title Children of the Year, the forerunner of the Gouden Griffel. During the fiftieth Children’s, in 2004, the writer received the award of Granger Griffels. The Letter for the King later became a musical, a film and an audiobook of seventeen hours. Now there is also the series, The Letter for the King.

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