First impression: Go Ziggo TV app makes concessions, but that’s okay

After years of testing has finally Ziggo Go app released for the Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV. Can thus traditional Mediabox under the TV from? Bright takes the proof of the pudding.

A Ziggo Go app for smart TV platforms have the potential to TV viewing habits of many people simplify significantly. Who for example, an Apple TV, after all, no longer have to hang a media box to the television. Saving users switching between HDMI channels and two or three remotes.

In recent weeks we have already allowed to try the Ziggo Go app on the Apple TV. This involved an early test version, which a select group of customers also might try already in secret. Although we have not tested the apps for Android TV and Fire TV, we understand that they are almost identical in function.

The new TV app is functionally largely similar to those for smartphones and tablets. You can watch live channels look back in your subscription or programs. Who has a Movies & Series bundle, can also look back this offer.

Actually, there are only a handful of features that are not included in the TV app, but in the smartphone or tablet to use. For example you can not download videos to watch later, or images of the TV app to another device or Chrome AirPlayen Casten.

Both logical concessions: the download feature is especially useful on the go, if you want to burn any mobile data. And features AirPlay and Chromecast were only used to play back images on television, what this new app itself can do.

The Ziggo TV app Go is also the only one that works only on a Ziggo cable connection. Start your app via the link from another provider, will not play videos. That makes it difficult for example to others Ziggo subscription to log in so you can watch TV without paying.

Put you see in the preview image above to automatically Apple TV app on top of your home page with icons, which channels are the most watched. You can also switch quickly from your current movies and series again. This Ziggo makes good use of an Apple TV function appbouwers relatively little use.

At the same time the app runs on many fronts right against the design principles of Apple’s operating system. Where in other apps through large lists moves through wide sweeping movements on the touchpad controller to make, you must Ziggo Go the upper and lower impressions are like the traditional buttons. The official Apple menu, subtitle and audio language does not work: Ziggo has there own menu buttons for fabricated.

These concessions Ziggo do one thing above all: make sure the app on all platforms feels the same. In terms of decoration and design, he also largely in the control software of the Mediabox. We only tested the Apple TV app, but there are probably similar decisions taken by the apps on Android TV and Fire TV.

Although the design choices are well understood, there is one front where Ziggo Go app with scores less respect: the video resolutions. Look before you broadcast to a live channel or a program, it is displayed on a 720p resolution. That while many Dutch TV stations broadcast their images right in 1080i.

It means that you will see television picture is fuzzier with the Ziggo Go app than with the Mediabox. That said seems quite high bitrate lie with the app, so that the differences in practice, at a reasonable distance from the TV, not gigantic.

At the Movies & Series range, the resolution slightly higher at 1080p. But that is again not at Ziggo’s most expensive Mediabox those images with 4K resolution can play. Though that resolution by no means applied to the entire offer.

Then there is the question of how Ziggo TV Go relates to its biggest competitor in smart TV platforms: the app NLZiet. Which started as a bundled service look back for the big TV stations, but also provides some time access to TV channels. Ziggo Go does have a quieter homepage with advisories and watched series, while sometimes often NLZiet must navigate some options.

NLZiet is often the better place to look back at old programs. Ziggo which only broadcasts from the recent past to keep customers, you can look back over a year in some NLZiet series. However Ziggo’s live supply is greater. The basic package, which is needed to make anyway an Internet connect, more than fifty TV channels. NLZiet has currently 34.

The resolution for video streams is at NLZiet or higher, both live and in the back watching the service uses a resolution of 1080p. Ziggo can be seen only six of the fifty base stations in the maximum 720p resolution, unless you pay an extra tenner a month in subscription fees. Then you offer it immediately scaled up to more than 80 television channels.

That whole price history makes it difficult to choose between Ziggo and Go NLZiet. You need only a few channels in high definition and to make the resolution you are not different much, you will feel at Ziggo. Would you like most English channels in 1080p, then you better pay 8 euros NLZiet. But you want a fairly wide range

Preliminary conclusion

The smart TV apps Ziggo Go offer something we all were waiting longer for a way to watch Ziggo channels without having to change HDMI channel. The app makes concessions on some fronts and the resolution is not very high, but it will be many a sausage being: they have indeed already subscribed and are just glad they can sometimes use this app.

Simultaneously, the Mediabox, however, will still remain in many of the TV. The higher resolution because it ensures that you still have a reason to go to the other channel zapping. And that’s a little bales.

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