2 April 2020, Thursday
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Final exams are at risk: “Keys by letting go is unwise ‘

The central exams be called into question. It is according to insiders is unlikely that the exams, scheduled for early May, will continue. The dome of high schools openly calls for the deletion of the final exams.

Minister responsible Arie Slob cuts expected on the knot. Now the schools are closed until at least April 6, the students can not prepare for the exam. Last week it was announced that several scenarios were developed for the case can not proceed to the final exams ranging from postponement to cancellation. Slob do not want to wait until April 6 – the date by which he would make a decision – and give the schools clarity quickly.

For which scenario is selected it is not known. Either the current graduating students will not be able to finish in a normal year. Well seems clear that the removal of the tests does not mean that the current graduating students for them all to do over the years. One option is to figure in the school, the keys to be ahead of the central exam as final grade apply to made. The problem is that most schools not all school exams have declined.

The General Education, the largest education union calls strike at the school exams after the new, more stringent measures of the government. The key passage in the coming weeks, according to president Eugenie Stolk ‘unwise’. She does not want teachers and students at risk.

School exams is already 80 percent. The final round was to begin last week when it was decided to close the schools. Many schools began the final round yesterday yet. Minister Slob gave schools permission to go again especially as open to the school exams. However, schools must abide by all rules RIVM as 1.5 meters between pupils and tests in small groups.

Not all schools adhere to the RIVM rules allows students interest club LAX. “We get reports of students who question whether these measures have actually maintained,” says President Peter Lossie. “There are also students who do not dare to the tests because they are afraid to get sick and infect their families.” According Lossie there are major differences between schools. “Sometimes it’s really great arranged.”

Pupils are afraid that they can not properly prepare. Also, because the young people by example, supermarkets are used very intensively fields. “At one school distance education very well organized,” notes Lossie. “But others give a pile of work and say that it should be finished three weeks.”

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