5 April 2020, Sunday
6 C

Emergency Preservation of Nature: do not go to nature, stay home

An urgent distress call of Nature: do not come to nature far. Go home. “Our fields are flooded.”

The organization has announced the ‘not responsible’ finding. There would be walking around in the woods and nature of the organization ‘thousands of visitors.

No sound

Nature Reserves and National Forest Service warned on Friday it had recreationists seek quiet places and had to keep away from each other.

But many people seem not there anyway to give hearing.

Standoff at corona, we are not so good at


On Friday reported twitter and yesterday angry foresters and other conservationists for hikers and cyclists who questioned the nature yet in groups despite all warnings, and thus were far too close together. The one and a half meters as it organized was for all those people to handle.

A spokesman for police union ACP said: “Part of the Netherlands damn about social distancing Take agents that appeal to them seriously..”

NL received alert

Dutch morning also have a so-called EN-alert message received from the central government. In it they are called to follow and 1.5 meters apart to keep the government’s advice.

“Stay home”, is also in the text message. “Protect yourself and people around you. Together against corona.”

The call to take away is also written in English.

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