Drugstore removes black statue, “He’s not a slave “

The clam hanging over the drugstore Heertje in Herenstraat is Friday removed by the owners. In 2016 the statue was already stolen. This week there was commotion about alleged racism after a mocking tweet Sylvia Witteman.

Since time immemorial the clam hangs over the drugstore, drugstore owner Harry says Piet. Often there to take photos. But a tweet about the image of writer and columnist Sylvia Witteman called recent days many responses. Witteman wrote Sunday: “Amazing that this still hovers in the middle of Amsterdam.

“This has resulted in interaction around the store,” says Piet. “It gave people an a relaxed feeling.” In a second message on Twitter Witteman said that “residents are harassed. Or indeed threats have been made for alleged racism Peter does not say.

“I along with the owner of the property, who owns the clam, decided to send for the picture Friday away. There is then a specialized company. ”

Witteman makes an e-mail that the tweet mockingly referred to “was. “I regret the commotion I stoked. Anyone who equally engrossed in cockles will moreover conclude that they have nothing to do with racism, buck or slavery have. ”

In 2016 the statue was already stolen. The theft was never solved. A local resident suspected at the time that it was stolen because many “Black Peter would have gone” and thus would be racist. The owner of the property left by an artist create a new one that now hangs on the facade of the building.

According to architectural historian and connoisseur of downtown Walther Schoonenberg clams served as a showcase in the past, “a recognizable symbol ‘pharmacists and druggists. “Yawners often have their mouths open and their tongue stabbing where a pill is on. They can be black, white or brown, but the feature is that they should look exotic. They should exude the drugs come from far and are very good. ”

People associate the clam top drugstore The Heertje with a slave, the architectural historian rejects. “He’s certainly not a slave. He has a turban with an emerald it. A slave would never wear such a headpiece. Yawners existed since the 16th century and can be of any color. ”

He regrets that the clam is removed. “The disappearance of detail in the city is always unfortunate. If you look at old photos than it is to lose the most. ”

The city had in the past dozen clams, but in recent decades they disappeared rapidly from the scene. Original yawners on the New Spiegelstraat, Leidsestraat, Utrechtsestraat and Albus hung, are included in the collection of the Amsterdam Museum.

In 2011 a white clam on Gravenstraat was stolen. In the window of the drugstore Heertje is a second clam which is white.

According to Peter, the image is “completely out of context ‘achieved. “I speak regularly people to tell it is an acknowledgment, a sign of prosperity. But people, especially young people, have their judgment ready and then only look at history. ”

The owner of another shop in the street who remain anonymous wants, understands that a customer recently in ‘shock’ was when he saw the picture. “From the street it is seen as an attraction, many tourists take a picture of it, but personally I’m not back,” she says. A few shops down say they have never heard complaints owner.

A German tourist who just happened to take a picture of the clam says there is “no problem” to have it. “Where I live you have a pub called the Three Moors and the same is hanging above the bar,” she says.

Simmie Shayea active as straatmanager in Herenstraat, has received no official complaints about the clam. On a personal basis, she says: “If there are people from being hurt, perhaps we can do something with it.”

Or still image returns, knows drugstore owner Piet not. “The clam is copied after it was stolen wood. In the original colors. And there is the crux. I have already suggested to make it pink or rainbow color. He was soon gone, I feel shame, because it’s got nothing to do with racism. “

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