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Downer for Dutch team: Olympics postponed until 2021

Passing on the Olympic Games in 2021 was a setback for the Dutch team. Everything indicated that the team in Tokyo would be successful. Especially the cyclists were numerous opportunities.

The Olympic Games of Tokyo have been postponed for a year. Japanese Prime Minister Abe and IOC president Thomas Bach decided Tuesday jointly move the event to 2021.

The decision follows a storm of criticism in Japan and the IOC. More and more countries last week claimed that the Games can not continue because the corona crisis. America rallied tonight to the growing group who decided not to take part spontaneously in the Games in July and August. Japan and the IOC said earlier this week that they would spend four weeks to reach a decision.

It is the first time not to hold the Olympics on the planned date. The event was previously canceled in 1916, 1940 and 1944.

It was according to experts is important that the IOC and Japan jointly deferred. Otherwise, a party can claim financial damages from the other. According to Prime Minister Abe, he and Bach were ‘one hundred percent’ agree on postponement.

The movement of the Games to 2021 is complex. Swimming and athletics, two major Olympic sports have their own world championships next year, an important source of income. That can not go on as possible.

Also, in Tokyo and its surroundings again shelter arranged for the eleven thousand athletes and tens of thousands of volunteers. would involve the private apartments in the Olympic village after the Games.

Downer for Netherlands

The delay is a setback for the Dutch team. Everything indicated that the team in Tokyo would be successful. Data Desk Gracenote predicted even sixteen gold medals for the Netherlands in January. Especially in the cycling disciplines many victories seemed possible. The Games in Sydney (2000) were so far the most successful twelve gold medals.

The decision to postpone and no adjustment was made after a conference call with Bach and Abe Chairman of the organizing committee, Yoshiro Mori, the Olympic minister of Japan, Seiko Hashimoto, and the IOC leaders John Coates, Christophe de Kepper and Christophe Dubi.

The mood at the meeting was, according to a press release from the IOC “friendly and constructive”. Bach and Abe emphasized their shared concern about the corona crisis and its impact on the preparation of the international athletes. The IOC and the Japanese government were guided in their decision by the World Health Organization.

It was then decided to shift the 2020 Games to a point in the first eight months of 2021. The exact date is not yet determined. Both leaders said that next year’s Games will serve as a shining beacon of hope in difficult times. Therefore, it was also decided to have the Olympic flame, which arrived in Japan last week, to keep in the Asian country.

Yoshiro Mori, president of the organizing committee of Tokyo in 2020, told a press conference that he could not confirm that the Games in 2021 on the same scale will be organized. “I do not know what will happen, maybe we make the size of the Games slightly smaller. That is what we will talk. ”

warmest weeks

Mori asked The New York Times of using the opportunity to change the scheduled days for Games (late July, early August), in order to avoid the hottest weeks of the summer. “If we can avoid the heat of midsummer, then of course I am more than happy,” said Mori.

Maurits Hendriks, CTO of NOCNSF, the delay had seen the past two weeks. It was his eyes were not different because health and safety of the Olympians at stake. Hendriks provides a month of brainstorming about how and when will take place the 21st edition of the 2020 Olympics.

“A small example: the Olympic Village next year is privately owned and not available. This also invalidate the Olympic dining room. Athletes must be accommodated in hotels. There have sixty thousand meals a day to. Specific foods for athletes. That answer should be aware of. ”

NOCNSF is proactively thinking along with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Lausanne. Hendriks says that the IOC early with a corona task force, the problem of the world is spreading virus mapped. “They caught it early.” The IOC, however, needed time to bring respite practical problems identified.

extend contracts

Domestically, the NOC process of the four-year plan 2017-2020 to a five-year plan. Hendriks: “Contracts of coaches expire after the normal Olympic period, so in 2020. But that should be extended. Athletes must keep their scholarship in the run of the adjourned games. On that we got last week, security in The Hague. This week we will have to solve many issues. ”

“We have received a year in positive territory,” was the reaction of CEO Gerard Dielessen. A new, well thought can be run from 2021 to the Games. The NOC Director provides tough negotiations with sponsors who are affected by the corona crisis and an extra year should to continue to support the Dutch team in Tokyo.

But above Dielessen behalf NOCNSF are pleased that the Games have been postponed. “I made me quite sure that it would come to cancellation.”

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