Dead citizen after Dutch attack Hawija indeed included in reports USA

The civilian deaths of the Dutch raid in Hawija in Iraq is indeed included in the American monthly reports on civilian casualties of the international fight against terror group. Minister Ank Bijleveld (Defense) said earlier in the House that this was not so. She says to regret now.

Defense Secretary Bijleveld had late last year, when she briefed the Chamber received other information from the Americans. “I came from the information I received through official channels of CENTCOM,” she writes in a letter to parliament.

CENTCOM, the US military headquarters in charge of the fight against IS. Late last month, the Pentagon has announced that Bijleveld Hawija yet reflected in the statistics.

Parliament wants to know how it is

Parliament wants to know exactly how the Dutch air raid on the IS-bomb factory in Hawija expired in June 2015. Immediately after the attack scurried international media over seventy civilian casualties, but official death toll has never been established.

The Court in the months after the attack on the civilian deaths incorrectly informed by the then Minister of Defense Jeanine Hennis. Only last fall, the House was informed.

The bombing of Hawija

From October 2014 to July 2016 Netherlands takes for the first time in an F-16 mission over Iraq and Syria. After publications of NRC and NOS that the Netherlands was responsible for a bombing raid on a bomb factory of IS in Hawija, Iraq. Seventy people are killed.

Both Defense investigated the bombing as the prosecution. According to Defense followed all procedures. The prosecution found no offenses.

The then Defense Minister Jeanine Hennis, already know about the civilian deaths in 2015, but gives false information to the House. On June 23, 2015 she said there had been no involvement of Dutch civilians by air strikes in Iraq.

Bijleveld had “very intense debate ‘

Bijleveld survived early November barely a very intense debate “on the issue. Despite ‘sincere apologies’ supported almost all the opposition a motion of censure against it.

Later that month, Prime Minister Rutte had also justify the Chamber in an hour-long debate on the issue. Especially that the alarm bells went off when no media had reported many civilian casualties inside the cabinet, raised many questions.

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