Cool Blue ventures on German market with delivery across the border

Cool Blue cross the border to Germany. The Rotterdam shop begins today in the region Düsseldorf with the delivery and installation of televisions, washing machines and other products.

Choosing Düsseldorf is useful. “It is nice near: Tilburg Dusseldorf is far less than from Tilburg to Groningen,” says founder and director Pieter Zwart at TVNZ. The items hail from the distribution center in Tilburg and via a transshipment center in Venlo delivered to German customers.

The company, which last year had a turnover of 1.5 billion, has forty German-speaking couriers recruited to the last kilometers of the delivery process to do. After Düsseldorf wants to make sure the company in other cities in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Beyond the German state plans do not reach. “We go step by step. In North Rhine-Westphalia alone as many people as live in the whole of the Netherlands,” Black told the newspaper. The company already is looking for a location to open a physical store in a German city.

In total, the company, founded in 1999, twelve physical stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, where it became active in 2007. “We are now ready for Germany,” says Black.

Initially will provide the company just great products. The reason? Amazon. produces roughly US online giant (revenue $ 280.5 billion in 2019) one of the two packets on all online purchases in Germany.

In order to counteract that boxing may want Coolblue stand with service such as fast delivery and tidy delivery including installation and the inclusion of the old device. This is only worthwhile for large items such as washing machines and other white goods.

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