Cold children do not have to stay at home

Sniveling children under six years without fever are immediately welcome in nurseries and primary schools. Under pressure, the RIVM has adapted the questionable directive. “Nurseries were guards policy with little understanding was.”

“We are very happy with the adjustment,” says Emmeline Bylsma, director of Child Trade Association. She has lobbied hard for. Not only nurseries, parents were also dissatisfied with the RIVM directive that children with only a runny nose or cough denied access to the nursery.

“Day nurseries are not experts in the field of health, but find that account must be taken of children and parents,” said Bylsma. “Parents who were at home with a snivelling child and really wanted to work, were stressed. That is not good for the parents and not good for the child. Employees of nurseries had to tell parents that their child was not welcome sniveling, while there was little understanding. Fortunately, that is now over. ”

The old RIVM directive garnered much resistance. It said that sniveling children aged not go to school or day care until 12 years, unless they were tested negative Covid-19 or a medical certificate, for example, have chronic airway inflammation or hay fever.

Strict compliance led to much absenteeism among the nearly 1 million children in the Netherlands use childcare. Especially children aged 0-4 snivel namely constantly. “That’s because they have not yet developed immune system and thus are very susceptible to cold viruses dozens who were around,” said Emmeline Buddingh, pediatric immunologist at Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) earlier.

Moreover led the old RIVM directive different policies. “We have nurseries in cities including Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, Eindhoven and Deventer,” said Evelien van Holten of Partou Child. “The health authorities should implement the RIVM policy, but they gave different advice by region.” The Amsterdam Municipal Health found the past few days been a snivelling child without fever could best for the nursery, so learned parents who approached the GGD itself.

The new directive states that children under six years without fever can go to the nursery. Thus fewer children will undergo a corona test. Parents were often perform to bring the child to the nursery or grandparents. For children, a corona test often uncomfortable or painful. “A swab should be deep in the nose or throat,” said pediatric epidemiologist Patricia Bruijning (UMC Utrecht).

After consulting the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) RIVM has caved. “In children, however Covid-19 runs not serious and their role in the transmission of Covid-19 appears to be limited,” so RIVM argues the new Directive. That is startling, because those arguments had RIVM can also call last week. Nothing has changed in the meantime.

Well now test data available. Of the approximately 3,500 children aged 0-6 years who have been tested in recent weeks, was about 0.5 percent positive. Now that the virus circulates as little in the Netherlands, the OMT has advised the directive to adapt. If the virus flares up, the RIVM takes the measure likely to return.

Not all nose colds children without fever are admitted to the nursery and group 1 and 2 of primary school. If their parents COVID-19, they should stay home. Daycare more than three children in a group of suspect COVID-19 must also continue to report to the GGD.

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