5 April 2020, Sunday
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Call politicians and NL-Alert: keep 1.5 meters!

The ultimate means of the NL-Alert calls on the Dutch government to keep their distance. Politicians continue to emphasize that we must avoid places with many people as possible. An overview of the latest developments can be found at our live blog.

Who is this Sunday in the spring sun dares to go, will not miss it: you are not alone. It is in many places busy, too busy. Whether it’s the beach, the city parks or nature reserves, to find people everywhere a loophole relaxed despite the corona virus. And that’s not the intention, warn many instances.

Reason for the government to seize around half past eleven even to the middle of the NL Alert for. “Are you sick or cold? Stay home, “according to the text message. “Protect yourself and people around you. Together against corona. ” NL alert is the “alarm-agent” that can reach the Dutch government during disasters or emergencies citizens.

Immediately, Natuurmonumenten came with a call. “Our areas are being flooded with thousands of visitors and we think this is not justified.” Go home, the message said.

Nature Reserves and National Forest Service said Friday it still recreationists should seek quiet places and had to keep away from each other. But too many people apparently went looking for that quiet places, so that it sometimes keeping distance of 1.5 meters, as advised, failed.

Twitter messages evil rangers and other conservationists for walkers and cyclists still in groups nature draw despite all warnings. Also in the virus hit as hard Brabant. Ranger Paul Jansen Brabant Erp: “It seems summer is so busy in the woods. Everyone top of each other. Groups that organize joint activities. Why coronavirus? ” Ranger Tim Hogenbosch speaks in the Nijmegen ‘antisocial Dutch which packed stand together. ”

The markets on Saturday turned into towns and villages were sometimes attended to well, which put people too close together. The safety region Amsterdam-Amstelland taking steps to prevent the crowds in markets, was announced Sunday. Where there is more than one hundred people simultaneously on a market must be met to a certain number of conditions, he says. If not, then the market closes. Those conditions: keep away, preparing stalls scattered, and freshly prepared food not eat at the market itself, but only at home.

On social media, like Twitter, is now also left a visible movement against known and unknown Dutch who were very annoyed at the many people who house. “Dear followers, staying inside is not really difficult. We can do this. If you go boat campen you are so appallingly stupid that ‘s tight ass can not save more attractiveness. Come on, be nice once hard to get! For example, for a virus. Like other sick people make, writes comedian Claudia Breij.

Pieter van Vollenhoven, former chairman of the Dutch Safety Board, who lives in the Veluwe woods, already draws a conclusion on Twitter. He argues that the responsibility for security in reality in many cases is in no way fulfilled. “Without monitoring we can – however regrettable – not function.”

Klaas Dijk Hoff, chairman of ruling party VVD, his irritation on social media. “To all those people together on the market, in the park and ‘shit corona’ house parties: Doe. Effe. Normal!” writes the liberal. Christian Union leader Gert-Jan Segers says Brabant Intensive Care doctors “had been looking whining” to the photographs “totally irresponsible Border dwellers. In Brabant people die in Corona and above the rivers do far too many people if they know anything. “

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